Top 5 Oils For Optimal Health and Weight Loss

Top 5 Oils For Optimal Health and Weight Loss

Posted by Lori Shemek; March 3, 2014

Have you ever just picked up a bottle of vegetable oil, soy oil, canola oil or corn oil to cook with and not realizing how damaging it is to your health?  If so, those 4 oils are wreaking havoc with your health.  These oils are either processed and/or contain a high amount of omega 6 fats that in excess create low-level inflammation in the body.

Low-level inflammation is the core cause of most illness, disease, faster-aging and weight gain.

Processed oils such as Canola Oil  (created from the highly toxic rapeseed plant) is highly refined (and genetically engineered 93%) that goes through a multi-process of bleaching, refining and degumming at high temperatures with chemicals. This process essentially voids any and all beneficial healthy fatty acids due to the free-radical proliferation. On top of all of this it is deodorized to make it taste and smell fresh because it smells awful after the processing. The end result? an oil that essentially becomes a trans fat.  One important component in reversing inflammation, weight loss and optimal health is to to kick trans fats to the curb.

Here is my personal list of go-to oils for your healthy kitchen:

Butter – Butter is a healthy food unlike what we were once told. Studies have shown there is no association between saturated fat and heart disease and butter contains short and mediium chain fats (as in coconut oil) that lead to satiation, is an anti-inflammatory and increased weight loss.  One important component of reversing fatflammation is gut health.  Butter contains the fatty acid butyrate that promotes a healthy gut and butrate is highly concentrated in butter. If possible, look for the butter Kerrygold that is a grass-fed butter high in butyrate or any grass-fed butter.  

Macadamia nut oil – This oil is one of my favorites due to its versatility.  It is very high in oleic acid that means reduced inflammation – necessary to shrink fat cells.  Macadamia nut oil also contains palmitoleic acid that may boost metabolism – slowing down the body’s fat storage. Many people love olive oil but do not realize that olive oil cannot be used as a high heat oil – but macadamia nut oil can.  You can cook with this oil at a high heat and not degrade the fat structure, thus keeping its anti-inflammatory properties.  Macadamia can be used in any way you would use any other cooking oil.

Flax oil –is high in an essential omega 3 fat ALA that is converted to the essential inflammation reducing omega 3 fat EPA and DHA <- a critical component for reversing inflammation.  However, the conversion of ALA from flax oil to EPA and DHA is limited.  Flax oil is the next best oil to be used by vegetarians to increase their intake of omega 3 fats that they would otherwise take in through fish, grass-fed beef or fish suppplements. This oil is not to be heated or cooked with in any way as it is highly sensitive to heat and all properties are destroyed.  Use it fresh and raw on salads, veggies or in place of any oil.  If you are a vegetarian, and need a superior source of EPA and DHA in your diet, supplement with an algae-derived source of DHA.

Olive Oil – It is good for you, tasty and easy to use.  But it is also a potent inflammation fighter due to its high content of oleic acid and polyphenol nutrients.  An important key is to either use it fresh, non-heated (best) or low to moderate heat. So, is this wonderful healthy oil also a contributor to inflammation?  The anwser is that it can be if heated to a high heat. Never heat this oil to a high heat (never let it smoke) as it degrades the oil and thus creates inflammation as opposed to reducing it.

Coconut Oil (or butter) – Another one of my go-to oils!  I highly recommend the use of this oil for reversing fatflammation.  This fat has powerful effects on metabolism and is metabolized differently than other fats.  Coconut oil is rich in Lauric acid that not only boosts your immune system, it also boosts metabolism due to the medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) that go from the intestinal tract directly to the liver where they are burned for energy rather than being stored as body fat – especially in the abdominal area or they are turned into ketone bodies. These shorter length fatty acids actually can speed up weight loss.  Ensure you choose organic, expeller-pressed and extra-virgin coconut oil – it actually looks like shortening when cold.

There’s no doubt that coconut oil is beneficial for your health and wellness goals but if coconut oil is not your first choice then consider checking out MCT oil. MCTs, go straight to the liver, bypassing the gallbladder, making it an ideal source of instant energy for your body, particularly the brain. Coconut oil, despite being rich in MCTs, only has a small number of long-chain triglycerides (LCTs) which generally take longer to digest.

I particularly love that unlike coconut oil, MCT oil is virtually odorless and tasteless so I can add it to my morning coffee, sushi, and desserts without a problem. To read more about MCTs check out this MCT oil guide that will show you which oils are the best and how to incorporate them into your life.

The best oils are an important component to creating your best health.  Happy Eating!

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