Coaching with Dr. Lori

Start Your Personalized Weight Loss Transformation Journey Today!

Dr. Lori’s Ultimate Weight Loss Signature Program is a 30-Day Customized Coaching Program that will Result in YOU Losing Weight, Creating Optimal Health and Increasing Inner Confidence.

This is my most-exclusive, most-intensive transformation program ever!

Imagine for a Moment…

  • What if you never had “good days” or “bad days” ever again?
  • What if you actually preferred healthy, whole foods instead of sugary junk foods?
  • What if you never suffered from cravings anymore?
  • And what if you could close the door on your weight problem once and for all — and just be done with it?

Yes, you CAN stop the frustration and create amazing weight loss transformation in your life. If you feel that you’ve done everything right and cannot lose weight no matter what you do, you have no energy, you eat when stressed, anxious, sad, frustrated, angry, depressed, lonely or even are not alone and can take your life back! You CAN have the body, mind and energy you desire. You deserve to live the life you love! You CAN let go of limiting beliefs that hold you back! Our mindset is key to our success. 

The Ultimate Coaching Program:

  • … is not a diet
  • … is not an exercise program
  • … there are no fat-loss pills or surgeries
  • … and it’s not about will power, guilt or restriction.

You will effectively lose weight with my 30 day program that includes a customized nutrition analysis specifically tailored to your weight loss success, a meal plan and one-on-one sessions with me. Yes, you CAN have vibrant, youthful energy, optimized health, confidence and enjoy the transformative beneficial effects this will have in every area of your life – you can have all of this and more. My clients around the globe have transformed their lives and you can too! 

I customize and tailor weight loss solutions to each client that simply generalizing never addresses, thereby creating a high success rate. I specialize in reversing, reducing and preventing low-level inflammation in the body. Low level inflammation is the core cause of most illness, disease, faster-aging and weight gain.

I have helped thousands achieve the weight and health they love and they go on to create even more success in every area of their lives!

Areas Transformed

  • Weight Loss
  • Inflammation
  • Emotional Eating
  • Food Addiction
  • Sugar Addiction
  • Carbohydrate Addiction

Personalized VIP Services:

  • 30 Day Step-By-Step Customized Weight Loss Program
  • Individual Consultations (via phone, Skype or in person)
  • One-On-One Customized Coaching (via phone, Skype or in person)
  • A Customized Weight Loss Analysis (includes follow-up session)
  • A Customized Nutritional Analysis (includes follow-up session)
  • Kitchen Makeover and Meal Planning Session
  • Guided Grocery Store Tour

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