Your Restaurant Game Plan: 9 Simple Tips For Healthy Eating

Your Restaurant Game Plan: 9 Simple Tips For Healthy Eating

Posted by Lori Shemek; January 28, 2013

Does eating out healthy seem to always be a struggle? You are not alone. Most restaurants can be ticking time bombs when it comes to nutritional health. This is why it is critical to take control and not be at the mercy of your environment.

Eating out is part of the American way of life, not only for families and friends, but for many of us who travel as part of our job requirements. So arming yourself with proven strategies will ease the struggle.

Here are a few ordering strategies made simple:

  1. Do not be shy about asking for what you want – the restaurant wants to please you and they want you to return.
  2. Don’t be fooled by all the low-carb plates: There are some that pack a wallop in terms of calories. Low-carb doesn’t always mean low-calories. For example, Ruby Tuesday’s “Low-Carb” New Orleans Seafood is 710 calories and 42 grams of fat! 
  3. Ask the waiter to double the amount of veggies that comes with your meal.
  4. Forget about the breadbasket. Having it on the table just tempts you to eat it! 
  5. Order the leanest cuts of meat, especially if considering red meats. 
  6. Order whole wheat pasta with a red, tomato-based sauce rather than a white sauce, which is made with fatty butter and cream.
  7. Visualize your entree on the plate as 1/3 lean protein and 2/3 complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, beans, veggies – emphasize the veggies.
  8. When ordering a salad, always order the dressing on the side. If the dressing is white, it is usually heavy cream or fat based. Choose citrus, vinegar or olive oil that allows you to control the fat amount.
  9. Decide if this is a celebratory occasion. If it is, order dessert to share. Remember that 80% of the pleasure of eating dessert occurs in the first two bites.

Small changes make profound changes in your health! Learn to say “I Don’t” eat this as opposed to “I Can’t” eat this and watch your health and weight change.!