Working Out Everyday or Just Simply Move Your Body as Much as Possible

Working Out Everyday or Just Simply Move Your Body as Much as Possible

Posted by Bob Choat; December 29, 2013

Some of the questions I’ve been asked is how often should a person work out. Well, it all depends. You see, some people are already in professions where they are constantly moving their bodies throughout the day and in some cases, really challenging their whole body. For those people, going to the gym or doing a specific exercise routine doesn’t make much sense. Yet, those professions are among the few. For them, a good diet makes good sense.

For the majority of the others. I would suggest (and may be a bit controversial) to move or do some kind of exercise every single day. If you can, sit less and move all through the day. If you’re at a desk job, get up at least once an hour and move for a few minutes, including doing body weight squats at your desk.

“Walking is the best possible exercise. Habituate yourself to walk very far.”
~Thomas Jefferson

Our Paleolithic ancestors moved all the time and had to in order to survive. Today, we move physically less than at any time in human history. And it’s getting worse. So, to say that we should focus on 150 minutes per week of exercise is wrong. Instead, the focus should be simply on movement. The more natural, the better.

If you get much of your movement from 30 minutes a day for 5 days, then that’s not good enough. This is especially true if you sit all day at work or even at home. As I stated earlier, get up off your ass and move it regularly throughout the day.


Add in fitness things that you love to do as well. For me, it’s Parkour, martial arts and natural movement in the outdoor environment.

If you’re at home, do more housework or gardening. Make this next year one of movement. Yes, start or continue a good diet as well. Take a page from the past and make heath and fitness natural and sustained. Don’t be a slave to a machine or to a gym. It’s okay to train there if you enjoy it. Make that secondary to movement. And when you do that, you will be much healthier and fitter than you’d ever imagine you could be. Now, MOVE IT!

Cheers, Bob Choat


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