Weekly Wins Keep You Motivated

Weekly Wins Keep You Motivated

Posted by Steve Stearns; May 9, 2014

Sometimes it can be difficult to stay motivated; especially when your goal seems so far away. An effective way to regain your motivation is to pick up a few quick victories. When you experience short-term wins it can be just the shot in the arm you need to keep going. Here are four weekly challenges you can accomplish to improve your health, fitness and keep you motivated.

One Week of Water

This challenge is to drink enough water each day to stay properly hydrated. How much water? A good rule to  determine the ounces you should drink daily is to divide your weight in half. For example if you weigh 125 pounds you’ll want to drink approximately 62 ounces of water per day (8, 8 ounce glasses). One good strategy to successfully complete this challenge is to spread your water consumption out through the day. For example

  • One glass first thing in the morning after you wake up.
  • One glass just before breakfast
  • One glass before your mid morning snack
  • Two glasses before lunch
  • One glass before your afternoon snack
  • Two glasses before dinner

This challenge will rejuvenate you at a cellular level! You’ll have more energy, you’ll feel better and you might even lose a little weight. For more tips on staying hydrated read Dr Lori’s article Why Drinking Water is Powerful: 8 Tips To Hydration

Nothing Packaged Challenge

Can you avoid packaged and processed foods for one full week? Many of the packaged and processed foods available contain ingredients that aren’t food at all! When you choose fresh fruit, vegetables, lean protein, and other sources of real nutrition amazing things can happen! Here are a few ideas to get you started: If you currently have an energy bar or cereal bar as your morning snack try a cup full of blueberries instead. Blueberries boost brain power and are filled with antioxidants! Who knows what that cereal bar is filled with. Instead of eating a package of crackers for your mid-afternoon snack give almonds a try. This article from men’s health has more healthy alternatives to some of the worst packaged foods in america Give it a week and see for yourself how great you feel!

Plank For a Week

Planks are great for strengthening your core. A strong core helps protect your back and is vitally important for athletes in virtually any sport. Make sure you keep your back flat and straight. Add a full planking session to your routine this week:

  • hold a traditional plank for 60 seconds,
  • then switch to a left side plank for 60 seconds,
  • followed by a right side plank for 60 seconds.

You’ll know you’re doing it right when you can feel your ab muscles engaging to hold the position. I put together a quick 5 minute routine you can do anywhere you find yourself with five minutes and nothing better to do. Check out my audio brief for more on this 5-minute workout.

Walk it Off

Increase your daily “brisk” walking by 15 minutes each day for one week. Walking is great for your circulation and cardiovascular health. It will lower your stress level, help you maintain a healthy weight and more. Here are some ideas for adding another 15 minutes to your daily steps:

  • Walk for 15 minutes during your lunch break
  • Go for a walk first thing in the morning
  • Go for a walk after dinner
  • Walk with a friend
  • Join a walking group

Read more about Walking for Better Health and Fitness. Challenging yourself over a short time frame can give you that winning feeling again. It might just be what you need to take it to the next level! What challenges have you completed that you’re most proud of? Leave a comment below.

Good Luck!


Steve Stearns is an avid outdoorsman and host of the Outside Health and Fitness podcast. He shares practical advice, resources and interviews experts from the world of fitness, nutrition and health. His goal is to help others discover new, fun and effective ways to be naturally fit, healthy and happy.