Want to Lose Fat This Week?

Want to Lose Fat This Week?

Posted by Lori Shemek; February 8, 2012

Then Get Rid of Your Mental Baggage First!

Do you want to begin shedding pounds this week? Your first action step?  Begin by letting go of the negative mental baggage that you are carrying around – you’ll lose pounds too. We all do it. You beat yourself up for how you look, what you ate, what you didn’t eat and so much more. And before you know it, you are miserable with low self-esteem that does nothing for moving you forward toward your goal of weight loss.

First of all, and this is fundamental, value you as an inherently worthwhile, beautiful human being. 

  • Stop being so hard on yourself. So you over-indulged. Big deal. Let that go. Don’t look back. Looking back only keeps you stuck and focused in that ‘place’ of where you really don’t want to be anyway. What we think and what we focus on will present itself in our lives.
  • Stop the “cant’s” and kick them to the curb! So much of what the majority of people do when choosing to lose weight is focus on what their old lives were full of: poor food choices, lack of exercise, tired, bloated etc. Instead of saying you can’t fit into those clothes or you can’t eat that food, change your mindset and focus on what you know WILL change your life – what you CAN do and how amazing your life will be! Can you work in a 20-minute walk today? Can you skip one soda today? Of course you can.
  • Focus on the action, not the weight. While it’s important to set goals, focus on what you are doing to lose weight rather than the weight itself. Weight loss is a journey. The end of this journey is only a number and you are right now moving toward that number. If you are centering on a weight focused target, you are missing out on the success you will have each and every day. Instead, set small short-term action oriented goals – “I’m going to skip dessert tonight” or “I’m going to exercise twice this week.” You will be creating success all along the way to the larger goal and boost your resolve.