Turmeric: The Super Spice Secret To Fat Loss

Turmeric: The Super Spice Secret To Fat Loss

Posted by Lori Shemek; March 11, 2016

A culinary spice that has been used for centuries is now the object of weight loss attention.  Turmeric, the spice used in curries and  the ingredient used to make mustard yellow. is a root that is not only known for its ability to create optimal health, but stops fat storage as well – in particular, belly fat.

In my arsenal of go-to weight loss tools, turmeric is in the top 1%.  Why?  Because it is a well-researched spice that shows its power in weight loss.

This powerful spice can combat unwanted fat by helping fat cells to self-destruct through the process of apoptosis (cell death).  The active ingredient (a polyphenol) in turmeric: curcumin, attaches to the fat cells and encourages them to shrink and contract by suppressing the blood vessels needed to form fat tissue.  Turmeric also has the ability to tamp down on inflammatory markers – this equates to the vicious cycle of weight gain that fat cells produce:  FATflammation.

Turmeric is highly effective in reducing insulin resistance and reducing blood sugar levels and both are key to weight loss.

It doesn’t end there:  Turmeric has a thermogenic effect in that it increases our metabolism.  Essentially, when you have more metabolic activity, heat is created and this heat creates faster cellular action.  Much like watching smoldering logs turn into a roaring fire..  This thermic effect can burn an extra 350 calories a day!

Turmeric also helps heal the liver – the liver is the #1 fat-burning organ.  If the liver is distracted by the amount of dietary and environmental toxins we are taking in, then its fat burn potential is drastically limited.  This is why a healthy liver is key to fat loss.

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Our digestive tract houses 3 pounds of bacteria!  This is a good thing if the balance is in favor of beneficial gut bacteria.  When the scale tips in favor of bad gut bacteria, then we have an inflammatory problem.  In fact, we now know that our gut bacteria is key in our immune response that fans the flame of inflammation that also leads to weight gain.  The spice turmeric helps promote this highly beneficial gut  bacteria to help reduce digestive inflammation and thus, weight gain.

Our fat cells are like small factories that churn out inflammatory molecules, reducing our metabolism and further promoting more inflammatory molecules.  This becomes a vicious fat cycle.

Turmeric to the rescue. 

Studies show just one teaspoon daily of the powdered yellow spice, turmeric, will help you enormously in your weight loss and optimal health goals.  Add turmeric to scrambled eggs, toss it with roasted veggies, add it to rice, stews, soups, add to sauteed greens, blend into smoothies or use it as a daily tea.  You can take turmeric either as a supplement as well.  Add this spice where you can in cooking to make not just delicious meals, but meals that stop fat storage.


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