Top Health Benefits of the Sacha Inchi Seeds

Top Health Benefits of the Sacha Inchi Seeds

Posted by Lori Shemek; March 10, 2020

Have you ever heard of the Sacha Inchi Seed? Originally called the ‘Seed of Life’ by the ancient Incas. These delicious seeds are keto-friendly with zero-net carbs, Paleo-friendly and there are no peanut or tree-nut allergies associated with them. They are found in the rain forests as well as high in the Andes mountains of Peru. It is truly a delicious, relatively unknown nutty, roasted seed that people are falling in love with. Why? I’m happy you asked.

Fortunately for my taste buds, and me, I was introduced to Aaron, the founder of the Brass Roots Company, who was told about my prior posts on social media revolving around the healthy and delicious Sacha Inchi Seed. We have since become great friends.

Aaron and his team have created not just amazing treats to tantalize our taste buds, but is also educating the public as well on this ancient Peruvian super food, as they help to globally optimize health.

Why are Sacha Inchi Seeds so Healthful?

I have written about all varieties of seeds but this one is exceptional in its health benefits and tastes even better, plus they are nut-free! These seeds contain a very high content of the omega-3 fatty acid, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), in fact, a whopping 4,800 mg. of omega 3 per serving! The omega-3 to omega-6 ratio is also exceptional in that the ratio helps to reduce inflammation. Remember that an excess amount of omega 6 in the diet creates an imbalance between omega 3 and omega 6 that promotes and sustains inflammation leading to poor health, weight gain and more. One of omega 3’s roles is to reduce inflammation in the body and cannot do its job properly with too much omega 6. This is keeping us fat and sick. They are also Keto and Paleo friendly!

Sacha Inchi seed contains 17 times more omega-3 per ounce than wild salmon.

Many people are concerned about their health and yet, still want delicious foods. According to the famed Dr. Oz, “Sacha Inchi Seeds really gets your metabolism revved up.” He has also listed Sacha Inchi Seeds as one of his top go-to super foods as they help you optimize your health, and feel fuller, longer.

Adding foods high in omega 3s can help one lose more weight, keep it off longer, and stave off hunger pangs. Because Sacha Inchi Seeds are so high in antioxidants and omega 3, these delicious treats can also help shrink belly fat by reducing inflammation and cortisol, both of which create abdominal fat storage, hunger and cravings.

These delicious seeds boast 13 grams of healthy fats, more than 9 grams of protein, and 6 grams of fiber. This is the perfect treat to help stop hunger and cravings in its tracks due to the high protein, healthy fat and high fiber.

Additionally, Sacha Inchi Seeds contain a high amount of tryptophan, which is a precursor for serotonin – a feel-good hormone, and neurotransmitter, which I refer to as the ‘Happy Transmitter’ that helps us deal with stress and to feel calm and happy.

These nutritive seeds also are a complete protein and 30% protein by weight. They contain all essential amino acids and as mentioned, have a whopping 9 grams of protein per serving, helping you build precious muscle necessary for a healthier, longer life and again, allergy-free as they are not nuts, but seeds.

And last but not least, these delicious seeds can help boost brain health with their high omega 3 that reduces inflammation and by promoting a healthy gut. Recent research has shown the connection between our gut health and depression. A healthy gut means a happier you.

Here are just a few examples of what omega-3 fatty acids can do for your health:

  • Promotes Weight Loss
  • Decreases Pain and Inflammation
  • Protects Against Cancer
  • Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease
  • Reduce Triglycerides
  • Promotes Bone Health
  • Promotes Healthy Skin

You can use Sacha Inchi Seeds in most every dish and even as a snack. Brass Roots has created a variety of delicious snack products such as their Sacha Inchi Butter or their Cheddar Puffs which both are truly delicious and versatile for the whole family.

If you enjoy snacking and are looking for a healthy and delicious snack upgrade, that you can feel good about feeding yourself and your family, I highly recommend Brass Roots products.