Think and Perform Like a Warrior to Help You Get Fit!

Think and Perform Like a Warrior to Help You Get Fit!

Posted by Bob Choat; January 20, 2014

Ever since my early days in the martial arts all the way to the present, one of the things I’ve learned is that the true warrior have to stay at the top of his or her game. This includes staying as fit as possible. Other than recovering from an injury or sickness, the warrior is engaged in constant and consistent physical and mental training.

Even back in my early days in sports, it was the same way. I remember playing Pop Warner Football in Huntsville, AL and our coaches were all part of the military. So, we had some pretty hard training compared to most back in those days. Both of my coaches had been in World War II as well as the Korean Conflict. They were tough (though, not as tough as some of the Marines I was around later). Mental toughness was a big part of my early life and I had to adapt to the training I received (which helped me later in life as well).

In the movie, The 300, the actors trained hard in order to help their bodies transform into what we saw in the movie. And did they train hard! They also had to grasp their minds into thinking like a warrior in order to train like one. To go through the physical punishment they went through, it was essential for that mental change. I learned even more regarding training physically hard while I was in the Marines.


I’m not saying that you have to train that hard to get the results you want. What this article is about is the mental state that will help to keep you going, despite challenges you may face. And through the mindset as well as the physical training you engage in, both resilience and more confidence as additional benefits you’ll receive. There are 5 specific things I’ve discovered that you can do to help you think and perform like a warrior, especially when it comes to fitness…

  1. Have a clear focus on what you want.  If you are have more than 3 things you’re engaged in, then you have too many.  Narrow it down to the three things you really want (in fitness or otherwise) and keep your focus on them until completion.
  2. Open up your mind by being more aware.  When you do that, you’ll see better opportunities to help you move forward.  In fitness, this could be one that opens your mind to see areas to train where you would not have recognized before.  You’ll even see fitness equipment that was not clear to you in the past.  For example, a swing becomes a tool to do an inverted bodyweight row.
  3. Take on the challenges that face you.  Instead of backing away, face them.  And then move forward and deal with them.  Unless they are too dangerous for you at the time, otherwise take them on despite the fear you may be feeling.  If you’re doing a fitness routine you’ve never done before, go for it.  Only through with being uncomfortable will you be able to grow.  Having grit is also part of the process as well.
  4. Keep mind and body in motion.  Doing this tends to squash fear.  Even taking a mindful intense walk helps.  Heck, if you’re starting a new routine, do something physical beforehand to get you ready for the new physical routine.
  5. Become like the “Tasmanian Devil” in the Warner Bros. cartoon.  That wild, swirling, cyclonic attitude will move you forward into the right mindset for just about any fitness training you come across.  Instead of letting fear grip you, you simply blast off hard with no thought.  JUST DO IT!

Be determined that you will get and stay fit and fitter than you’ve ever have with a warrior mind. Eventually, your level of physical fitness will reach your level of mental attitude. Now, bear down and go for it! OOH RAH!

Cheers, Bob Choat


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