The Ultimate Guide On How To Gain Muscle Mass & Burn Fat

The Ultimate Guide On How To Gain Muscle Mass & Burn Fat

Posted by Lori Shemek; September 3, 2020

There is no doubt that we’d love to live a healthy life and increase our life expectancy. As such, this desire has sparked concerns about what we consume, the lifestyle we are living, and how it affects our health. The best-known way to keep healthy is to keep fit and exercise frequently.

However, with the internet crowded with poor quality articles on how to gain muscle mass, we are left to implement what we know. As such, this only limits our progress to staying fit and building muscles. So, to help such a scenario, here is an ultimate guide on how to gain muscle mass & lose weight.

How to Gain Muscle Mass & Lose Fat:

To Keep Fit, Train More and Work Your Body Effectively

If you are looking to keep fit, then you know progress can either grow, plateau, or reduce due to various reasons. For one to achieve progress and growth, you would need to continuously work a certain muscle group for it to grow back bigger and stronger. This process can be achieved when you get into the gym and train your body intensely..

However, when your body adapts to your training regime, your progress may level off. To avoid stagnant progress, do more reps and sets every week. For example, if you were on three sets of 15 reps, then it would be best to increase the number of sets you are on the following week. 

Another way to implement this would be increasing the load you are carrying weekly. As a result, this helps muscle-mass grow rather than stagnate.

Eat More Protein-Based Food

Foods such as eggs, chicken, fish, and meat are the building blocks of muscle-mass. Once you’ve completed a workout, the next step would be to provide it with enough food to rebuild. Protein-based foods have amino acids that are essential for MPS (muscle-protein-synthesis). In simple terms, body growth can only be achieved if the food synthesis is greater than food breakdown.

Spend a Significant Amount of Time Recovering

Bodybuilding requires more than body workout and eating more proteins. It requires time invested in recovery. Body recovery is necessary for the body to grow back bigger and stronger. To implement this, sleep for more than eight hours daily.

Sleep generates growth hormones that help the body grow and reduce stress. Gym enthusiasts who cut their sleep to only five hours a day are likely to gain less from working out. Cutting sleep reduces muscle-building testosterone by more than 10%, hence decreasing progress.

Advantages of Keeping Fit:

Building Body Mass Reduces Aging

As we grow old, we tend to become more aware of mortality and aging. Aging is associated with less mobility and being susceptible to chronic illnesses. Luckily, you can reduce aging by building body strength. Individuals who keep fit have better circulation and improved blood circulation. As if that is not enough, engaging in exercises helps the body keep in shape and improve mobility. As a result, this ensures that your body has a better immune system and can burn fat easily.

Building Lean Mass Help Characters Develop Strong Bones

There is no doubt that building muscle-mass helps strengthen the bones. Working out daily helps the body adapt to pressures. To clarify, this means that when the body is under pressure, the bones improve in density. As such, this reduces the chances of suffering from osteoporosis.

Building muscle-mass decreases body fat

If you are concerned about your weight and body fat, then building muscle-mass is the way for you to go. The process of keeping fit helps the body burn calories in the body. As such, this process reduces the number of calories the body can convert to fat.

Note that cutting body fat is not just about gaining muscle-mass. You have to do more-check your diet and reduce calorie intake. Characters who eat food high in calories stack more fat on your body, thus putting your health at risk.


Guest Author: Ryan Stintson

As an experienced content writer for Technical Writers, Ryan possesses an A* A level in English Literature. After taking a gap year, before acquiring a full time career in content creation, Ryan also worked as a personal trainer for his local gym where he developed his wealth of knowledge in the health and fitness industry.