The Indications That Your Workout Isn’t Working (and What You Can Do About It)

The Indications That Your Workout Isn’t Working (and What You Can Do About It)

Posted by Lori Shemek; November 16, 2019

Exercising is important and should be a regular part of your day. However, it can get pretty frustrating and annoying when you work out regularly without seeing any results. If this is happening to you, there’s probably a reason you’re unaware of.

Here are a few indications that your workout isn’t working for you and what you can do about it. 

You’re not doing the exercises correctly

Just because you’re exerting the effort, it doesn’t mean you’re doing it right. There’s a reason why posture and technique are important when it comes to exercising, and that’s because if you don’t focus on doing the exercises in the right form, you could be even not working the muscles you should be. In order to guarantee that your form is correct, you should work with a personal trainer who not only corrects your technique, but also helps you work on specific muscles that you wouldn’t have thought of to reach your goals. Having someone that encourages you to focus and keep on track not only is motivating, but also helps you reach the goals you want in less time, thanks to their expertise. 

You’ve hit a plateau 

When you did the same thing at the gym for a long time, your body will get used to the amount of effort you exert and adapt to it, making it difficult to see any changes. That’s why it is always important to switch up your exercise, focus on different muscle groups, do different types of workouts, and challenge yourself in new ways so your body is constantly under pressure and willing to exert more effort. This allows your muscles to continue to grow and build up more strength, allowing you to see changes. 

Your muscles don’t feel sore 

You know that next-day soreness you dread so much after a heavy workout? It’s actually a very good sign that your muscles have worked out and need repairing. If you don’t feel that soreness, it means that the intensity of the workout is not enough and you need to challenge yourself even further in order for the muscles to start strengthening. 

You can hold a conversation while working out 

A good workout is one that leaves you out of breath, let alone have a conversation! If you go to the gym to chit-chat and you find it easy to talk, laugh, or multi-function, then you’re definitely doing something wrong. Your workout is effective when it leaves you barely able to get up and walk home, and if you’re not feeling that, then you definitely need to kick things up a notch or two. You need to break into a sweat for starters and add more weights to your workout to make it more effective. 

If you’re going to be exerting the effort, you might as well make sure that it’s actually effective instead of it being all in vain. So, the next time you hit the gym, make sure you’re breaking into a sweat, breathing heavily, and you’re still feeling a bit sore from yesterday’s workout to guarantee that you’re doing it right.