Stop the Mindless Madness When it Comes to Your Health

Stop the Mindless Madness When it Comes to Your Health

Posted by Bob Choat; November 15, 2013

Each day, no, each moment we seem to living mindlessly. We go about our day not focused on what we are doing. Sure, there are those moments when we can focused again. Though, those moments are rare and become more rare.

We’ve become like Zombies. It’s crazy to think about. Now, let me think about it, okay? I was at a local mall recently and a great many people were walking around and focused on their smart phones. They were completely unaware of what was going on around them. And that is not smart. Maybe their phones are smarter than them and it’s called a smart phone. Who knows…

Remember a couple of years ago that lady who was on her cell phone in a mall and fell into a fountain?  She is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. Think about how dangerous it can be?  Here is the Los Angeles area if you’re doing that while crossing a street, you could get hit by a car. And since we’re the capital of hit and runs, it gets to be more dangerous. Now, imagine the person driving their car is texting. It is danger multiplied.


That is only one part of this discussion regarding mindless activities. Another one is sitting at home, with a large bag of potato chips, and watching a ball game. If it’s an exciting game, you may have finished the whole bag of chips half way through the game. Have you ever experienced this? Or maybe you were at a restaurant with a group of friends and went through a bunch of appetizers before the main meal. And you didn’t think twice about it. Most appetizers have the equivalent calorie count of a full meal and some even more.

My suggestion is to stop being mindless and start being more aware. That includes learning to live in the moment.  Mindfulness is an important part of health. Not only does being mindful trump mindlessness, it also helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

When we’re in a mindless state, our subconscious mind take control of nearly all our actions. When we’re in a mindful state, we become more consciously aware. Mindfulness is something should be a part of our everyday existence. Mindlessness will only lead to more health consequences. By learning to train your brain via mindfulness, you’ll lower your stress and become more aware of what you’re doing. You’ll avoid certain kinds of accidents as well as making healthier lifestyle choices. And isn’t that really an important part of living a life of vitality?

It’s ultimately up you. Your choice. Just be more mindful when you choose.

Bob Choat


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