Pre- and Post-Thanksgiving Fitness Tips to Keep You Going

Pre- and Post-Thanksgiving Fitness Tips to Keep You Going

Posted by Bob Choat; November 29, 2013

I just finished my pre-Thanksgiving dinner workout, that’s even though I’m not pigging out this year.  Still, it’s about keeping the challenge going no matter what.  I’ve seen people take off for all of the holidays and then have a hard time getting back into the groove.

It’s important to do some sort of physical activity before and after any holiday.  Our ancestors did that so should we.  It seems we’ve become so complacent that even a little exertion is difficult for many.  I sure hate to see how they are after a heavy, calorie-laden dinner is consumed.

Take it easy on what you eat as best you can.  Working out before hands helps.  Not because you burn the calories during that time, but because when you workout, you’re not as hungry.

And probably drinking a lot of water during your workouts help as well.

Today, I did a 40-minute upper body workout using my own bodyweight.  My first set of pull-ups was 63.  I did five sets for a total of 161.  That was followed by five supersets of 20 inverted bodyweight rows/back flys, 4 sets of 6 close grip twisting pull-ups, 3 supersets of 12 chin-ups/bodyweight curls, 3 sets of one minute dead hangs and 3 sets of Ivanko grips.  That was followed by 15 broad jump burpees.

I can tell you that I feel less hungry after that and I know I need the nutrition to recover. I’ll probably take a short walk after I eat and then again in the morning for sure.  No alcohol ever for me.  And you do, keep it light.

One of my clients sent me a Facebook message that he worked out today as well.  I have to give him a high five!  He is begin consistent and it’s showing. Hence, even during the holidays, consistency counts.

Let me give you these 5 quick tips to help you for all holidays…

  • Think of yourself as a lifelong athlete. When you do that, your mind will look at food as fuel, growth needs and performance nutrition.  And exercise to help make your body perform better.
  • Make fitness a daily routine before the holidays so that it become a habit when the holidays hit.  You’ll want to do it despite the day.
  • Keep your “reason why” at the forefront of your mind. This will keep you motivated to keep going.
  • Set yourself up as the example to others around you, including your family during the holidays.
  • Drink water as the main beverage during your holiday meals… Before, during and after!

I wish you the best and I know you’ll give your fitness and health your best effort.  And for that, have  a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy with love today.

Bob Choat


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