Live a Fit Lifestyle and Watch the Fat Melt Away!

Live a Fit Lifestyle and Watch the Fat Melt Away!

Posted by Bob Choat; February 7, 2013

Over the last quarter century we’ve seen obesity rates skyrocket! It’s crazy! I doubt you really care about stats or anything like that, right? Here’s the thing – we’ve seen an upswing in all kinds of fitness equipment, pills, potions, diets, etc. All have told us that what they offer will help you lose weight. Has it happened? Heck no!

The truth is that our lifestyle has changed. From what we eat to the activities we do. Kids used to play outside and that has pretty much gone away. In many neighborhoods you hardly see kids outside doing physical activities. Another crazy! People were more active years ago and they cooked at home too. Let me ask you, how many sit at the family table and eat a home cooked meal? I want the truth too!

Many times my mother would prepare foods from Japan, adopted American style. Sukiyaki being one of them. I probably can peer into the homes of many people and guess that they are probably eating a quick meal while watching TV, don’t you think?

Oh, those days of when I would take my little red bicycle up and down hills and try to outrun cars and such. And then there was the playing with other kids. Sometimes it was the Lone Ranger and Tonto and other times it was doing the military thing. We ran and lurked and more. It was so much fun and our parents had to drag us back inside. Now, we see parents trying to get their kids outside and play. Crazy (a third time)!

Obesity and overweight wasn’t much of a problem in those days. We were very active, ate healthier and just had real fun! All schools had P.E. classes + recess had more physical activity. Escalators were rare, stairs were the norm. We walked more to the store and to school. Nowadays, we just don’t really see that much. Heck, I remember this one lady who would drive her car to her neighbor – 3 houses away! Geez!

Today we sit more. We sit in offices, at home and at school. We sit while playing. We sit and keep sitting. We eat unhealthy, processed foods to the extreme! Obesity has become accepted as normal. And it sure seems that it is.

You and I can change that. If you want to lose that unhealthy weight, then start living a healthy and fit lifestyle. You don’t need fancy equipment. You don’t need a magic pill or a special diet. It starts with your mindset and from there your actions will take place. If you’re a parent, then get out and play with your kids. Do outdoor activities with them. If you’re not a parent, then simply get move active and eat healthy. Don’t count calories either. Just think healthy and fit.

Start now in living that fit lifestyle. Believe in fitness. Believe in simply doing what we were designed to do. And do it!

Bob Choat


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