Janice Haley’s Experience With Dr. Hyman’s Weight Loss Detox Diet

Janice Haley’s Experience With Dr. Hyman’s Weight Loss Detox Diet

Posted by Lori Shemek; February 10, 2014

When I received the email from Dr. Mark Hyman stating that he would like to have a person go through his new program and book out next week:  The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet, I immediately thought of Janice.  Janice is a true ‘everyday’ hero.  Janice lost her husband recently and along with major stressors and other life changes,  I thought that maybe being a part of Dr. Hyman’s diet detox program, it would help her get back on track in her life – with confidence  –  to start a new chapter.

Stress, especially major stress is not weight loss friendly, in fact, stress can markedly increase weight.  Janice, who has not only struggled with her weight for years now, she has had major stress as well and when I asked her to be a part of the program…she was so grateful and happy – it was right then I knew I had made the right decision.

Because I am familiar with Dr. Hyman and his excellent work, I immediately endorsed it and contacted Janet.  Once she agreed, we had a chat and her enthusiasm was bubbling over and yet, within her, there was a flicker of doubt.  She wanted desperately to move forward with her weight loss, turn over a new leaf and be a walking, thriving example to her son.

The doubt was due to her unfamiliarity with trying new things..but I told her that she did not have to be perfect while on the program, that simply trying and making even small changes would benefit her and her health.  Guess what?  She did and boy did she run with it!  She did everything before she needed to to prepare for the 10 day detox including purchasing a new blender, preparing her grocery list and she even started her own blog detailing her journey.  I was so proud and excited for her!

Janice decided to embrace change.

The change in excitement however, turned to an overwhelming feeling ‘uh oh, what did I get myself into’ kind of thought process.  So I had her reframe her feelings and look at her ‘why’ – why she wanted weight loss..not just to fit into those skinny jeans because it is deeper than that.  She did and got back on track again.  She began what she called her ‘Prep Prep Phase’

She started her journey here:  http://jhealthyliving.wordpress.com/ detailing her thoughts, physical responses to the detox and her emotions during the 10-day period.

Janice felt it was a struggle in the beginning but very quickly began to see and feel changes.  This inspired and motivated her to make changes in her life such as reading nutrition labels.  She said she could have made an effort to have moved more.  However, despite that lack of movement, she still had success with the 10-Day Detox!

Overall, Janice is thrilled and felt this was an amazing experience.  She will never eat the same way again and intends to stay the course.  Janice sleeps better and walks with more power and energy – she has a spring in her step.  Her pants no longer fit her..they fall to the ground without a belt.  Her total weight loss was 8 lbs.  That 8 lbs has made an enormous impact on her emotionally.  She said she feels more confident and she even walks differently – with confidence now.

Janice feels good, she feels confident, she feels healthier…she’s turned over a new leaf with a better quality of life and that is the most important of all.

~Lori Shemek, PhD