How to Create an Actionable Vision Board for Health and Fitness

How to Create an Actionable Vision Board for Health and Fitness

Posted by Bob Choat; February 8, 2014


Years ago I collected S&H Green Stamps just so I could get a discount on items or exchange the stamps for a gift.  One would get them while buying items from places that gave stamps.  This included grocery stores, retail stores and gas stations.  Some many books equaled $X amount of value.  The catalog had a lot of premiums, including household items and electronics.

Those days are long gone. Though, I still have a few of the S&H Green Stamp books left. Hahaha!

The thing about S&H Green Stamps is that they allowed me and others to take action towards a goal.  I knew that there was something that I wanted in the catalog and with enough filled books, I could earn enough to get it.  Little by little did it happen.  Patience and persistence was part of the process.

For many years, vision boards have been in vogue.  They created that represented a visual image or one’s dreams or goals.  They were somewhat effective, though, they became mundane to many of those that partook in using them.  Simply seeing something over a period time led to the wearing off of the novelty.  And novelty helps to raise dopamine levels to keep the excitement going.  That is one of the reasons the S&H Green Stamp program worked for many decades.

That’s is how this idea I’ve come up with in making a vision board much more effective.  The Reward Your Action Vision Board System™ is born.  Instead of collecting stamps and putting them into a book, you’re going to collect value points depending on the kind of action taken.  I’m working on bettering the system.  For now, let’s start off with activities that go from low to high value.  And in this system I’ve included negative points.  These are activities that actually put into reverse what you’ve done in moving forward.


Let’s look at this in the context of health and fitness.  A high value activity would be exercising.  And depending on the level of the physical exercise, a certain amount of points would be rewarded.  Movement in other areas would also add up the points.  If you were to look at your visual goals as you have on the vision board, you’d give it a certain amount of points in order to “cash in on it.”  The amount of points needed to reach your goals depends on where you’re at currently.  If you want to attain a beach-ready body and if you’re morbidly obese, then it will probably take you a lot more points and time to reach it versus someone who is slightly fat.

Let’s go with an example of how this might be done.  Let’s say that you want to get to a 25″ waist and you have one that is 33 inches.  That is 8 inches you’re going to have to lose.  In order to get there you’ll have to do certain activities.  First, you have a vision board of what having that body means to you.  And maybe you’ll need 2500 points to get there (example).  Each day you’ll engage in activities that have X in value.  It could be anywhere from 1-10 points.  And even things that you do that are negative in points, again, from minus 1 to minus 10.

During the process of working to reach your goal in points, you’ll be able to the the progress you make and some of the things you did that set you back.  You’ll learn of what to do and what not to do.  Most important is that you’ll see the value of engaging in health and fitness activities.

I’ll have more later on the system.  Right now, go ahead and get started.  You can give value for each activity, both negative and positive.  Think about how many points you’ll need to reach your health and fitness vision based on what you have on your board.  Be honest with yourself in both what it will take to get there and on the actionable points for each activity.

I wish you the best as you put in the effort to reach your goals.

Cheers, Bob Choat


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