Healthy Thoughts Leads to Healthy Actions Which Leads to a Healthy Life…

Healthy Thoughts Leads to Healthy Actions Which Leads to a Healthy Life…

Posted by Bob Choat; September 9, 2013

Let me ask you a question: “How have your thoughts served you regarding your health?” Look at your life and you’ll discover the answer. It is literally true that “actions speak louder than words” and regarding our health, we can see what our true thoughts are. I’ve seen too many people who have told me that they are going to get into shape and what happens? Nothing! Nada! They are simply lying to themselves, not to me. Heck, it’s not my body that is unhealthy.

Let me ask you another question, okay? Not that one. The question is, “How bad do you want to get healthy and fit?” That is important. The motivation is what is going to drive you forward in that direction. And when you’ve answered that question, then, “What does healthy and fit mean to you?” 

Like anything worthwhile for each of us, it’s got to have some sort of deep meaning. The deeper it is, the more intense the motivation to get it. Think about when you first fell deeply, passionately in love. How did you feel when you wasn’t near that person? Heck, how did you feel when you were separated for a period of time? Your health and fitness should come close to that.

Take Action on a Plan!

Once you make a decision to focus on getting healthy and fit, then focus on what it looks and feels like. What would your most healthy and fit self look like? Feel like? Write down the details of that new you. Then, make a plan to get to the new you. After making the plan, start working it.

If that means to start associating with like-minded people, then find them. Contact them. If it means to start a walking program, then do it. It will be the same with other parts of your health and fitness plan. ACTION!!!

Keep track to make sure that you are on track, and holding yourself accountable. Tracking also allows you to see where you’re at and make adjustments. Do it! A coach can help you keep on track and has the expertise in making sure you are doing the right things. Get one if you need one.

Most important goes back to your thoughts. Reading books, watching videos and listening to audios on health and fitness will help to reprogram your subconscious mind. So will hypnosis. Do it all! Realize that you’re the only one stopping you. Make you and priority in health and fitness. Keep your thoughts powerfully locked in that realm.

Bob Choat


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