Get Outdoors for Fun, Fitness and Vitamin D

Get Outdoors for Fun, Fitness and Vitamin D

Posted by Bob Choat; September 20, 2013

There used to be a time when engaged in outdoor activities was the norm. It sure doesn’t seem like that long ago. Today’s world spends the great majority of their time inside. At least here in the United States, we do. There are many countries, such as in Africa, that will engage in outdoor activities. Yes, many people still go outside, just not at the same pace as even a dozen years ago. And it was getting bad then.

Unless it’s the middle of winter in a cold climate, staying indoors all day long is not natural. Hence, that is a problem across the board in all areas of health. We’ve become disconnected to our natural selves and have simply relegated our lives to technology, comfort and non-movement. It’s no wonder we have an obesity crisis. Most of what our society eats today is unnatural.

Getting outdoors will help you start the process of connecting back into nature. If you live in the big city, like Los Angeles or New York, go find a nearby park. Getting as close as possible to nature is important. If all you can do is to get outside, then do it. Enjoy the daily sun beaming down on you.  Well, maybe don’t get yourself burned.

Here are few ideas that may help get you started:

  • Go on a hike with your friends and/or family. It could be a hike into the hills or a short one in a park.
  • Go for a mile walk, heck, make it 2+ miles!
  • Hit the beach, hot or cold. And when it’s hot, you can cool off. When it’s cold, use the sand to challenge your legs.
  • Pack a picnic basket and take someone special to a nature-filled park. You can also play like a kid when you’re there.
  • Play an outdoor game or sport. You’ll have fun getting fit too!
  • Go for a nature stroll by yourself and find time to meditate.

You may be able to think of more ways to get outdoors and have fun.  Do it as much as possible.  Make the outside world your new engagement.

Bob Choat


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