Get Mentally Fit to Get Physically Fit

Get Mentally Fit to Get Physically Fit

Posted by Bob Choat; January 27, 2013

Every action starts with a thought. That includes what you do regarding your level of fitness (or lack of it). In a recent blog post on my site I wrote about people making excuses or blaming others for their health. When we do that, it is our thoughts at that time that leads to the actions we take.

Top-level athletes are that way because they are mentally fit first. I remember back in the 1980’s reading about former Celtic player, Larry Bird, and his work ethic. He wasn’t the most talented or the most athletic player. Yet, he was probably one of the most mentally tough players. Bird focused his thoughts to becoming the best possible NBA player he could possibly be, given his level of talent and athletic ability. And he sure did.

When you decide to get fit, make sure you put your full focus into it. Part of that includes increasing your motivation through passion. When you make being the best physically you absolute want, then it will happen. What you hold mostly and continuously in your thoughts become your reality through your actions.

Some things you can do that will help you towards mental fitness for physical fitness:

  • Visualize yourself being in your best shape ever and what your everyday life will be like because of it.
  • Use a journal to document your thoughts about fitness.
  • Associate with fitness-minded people, including top-level athletes. My friend and Dr. Lori’s brother, Mark Rickert, certainly does. And he has shown a level of fitness that most 20-year-olds would envy.
  • Start doing meditation and/or hypnosis to train your mindset for both calmness and fitness.
  • Read books, watch videos and listen to motivational/fitness products. There are even YouTube videos that will help you.
  • Stay away from the temptations of unhealthy living. That may include people you used to associate with that still do that.

Keep your mindset on fitness and your body will thank you for it because of the actions you take.

Bob Choat


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