Fully Loving Yourself

Fully Loving Yourself

Posted by Bob Choat; January 23, 2013

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”
~Lucille Ball

From all my clients and especially women, is their inability to give love to themselves. They may say they do, though it’s only superficial, if at all. To be fully committed to loving you in the deepest, most vulnerable way takes courage. And part of that courage is to be open to the world that you have problems and yet, love those problems too.

It’s been said that in order to give love, you have to have love. That means to love yourself first. You can’t give something that you don’t possess. A full-loving relationship between two people takes both parties loving themselves first.

It took me a long time to open up to others about my lifelong stuttering. Once I did that, it kinda melted away. With a few exceptions, no one even notices that I sometimes stutter. Yet, I love that aspect of my life.  I no longer am scared to admit it. It is the same with my “Frankenstein” scar on my forehead that I got as a kid or the beatings I got from my father. They are a part of my past and I accept them. This allowed me to forgive those that did me harm in the past as well as forgiving myself.

I still have a ways to go to fully love who I am. It may be a lifelong process and yet, I am happy at where I am at now. You may be going through some of the same things in your life. Heck, you may have just started the exploration of loving yourself fully. It may be painful at first. Tears may flow when you truly see how beautiful you are. Once you accept that you deserve to be loved by you, I can guarantee that emotions will flow heavily.

Part of the process of going through it is first look into a mirror and start a love relationship with that person staring at you. The next part of the process is to write a deep love letter to yourself. Describe how deeply you love you. Third, go out on loving date with you. Make it regular occurrence. You will finally be on the road to have a lifelong love affair with the most important person in your life: YOU!!!!

With love,

Bob Choat America’s #1 Mind-Body Transformation Expert and Author of “Mind Your Own Fitness’