Explore Natural Health and Fitness

Explore Natural Health and Fitness

Posted by Bob Choat; October 27, 2013

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”
~Albert Einstein

Nature has provided all species the necessary tools to get healthy and fit for millions of years. We’ve lost our way for the most part. While it is important for humankind to explore and create, it’s also important for us to explore the way of nature.

Mother Nature does things in her own time and yet, we try to circumvent her by accelerating the process. What has happened, we’ve gotten sicker and fatter. Medicine has focused on treating the symptom and not the root cause of ill health. All beings of nature are supposed to work as a whole unit. Fitness has gone from whole to parts.

I remember training my body as parts in order to look like it was whole. Bodybuilding was my thing back then and I thought I was in amazing shape. At least that was the way it looked in front of a mirror. There I was well over 200 pounds and my height at the time was only 5’7″.

Today, I am fitter and at 5’8″ I weight 165 lbs.

My focus is to train my body as a single unit that is naturally functional. That means to flow through nature in the best possible way. I also eat in nature’s way as well.

My suggestion to each of you is to get outdoors more. Even better, find a nature preserve, woods or some other natural environment. Learn from nature. Even learn what is edible. The wild foods that is out in nature are more nutritious than anything you can get in your local grocery store. It’s just that you probably don’t know what you can and can’t eat, right? There are many books, websites and videos that will teach you.  In fact, there are classes that you can attend in person. My grandfather showed me quite a lot when I lived with him on his farm in the Ozarks.

Even in your yard, an empty field or your daily hikes you can find edible plants. If you have an oak tree nearby, the acorns are highly edible. There are many recipes on how to use and prepare them.  From acorn burgers to acorn squash, you can have all the yummies you can gather during your walks. In my walks I will gather dandelions, California buckwheat, chickweed and more… Here’s a site that will give you a quick overview for finding edible wild plants…. http://www.wikihow.com/Find-Wild-Edible-Plants

One the very first wild plants that ate as a kid were wild blackberries. As you can guess, they were sweet and tasty. Later in life I would learn how healthy they were too. All throughout my childhood I experimented with putting various plants into my mouth. I didn’t get sick and probably got lucky. Still, the lessons I learned on my grandfather’s farm stuck with me.

While you are exploring and gathering, you are also getting in some great exercise as well – the natural way. Climbing up a tree to reach for an apple or some other fruit, helps to build your upper body. Your body will adjust to the challenges and grow from them. Balancing, strength, stamina and flexibility will be yours. Keep going at it on a regular basis. Nature’s gym is the best around. Use every part of it.

The benefits you will receive are tremendous. Your body will get the best healthcare possible. Nature’s healthcare. Stress will be lowered and happiness will rise. Learning to live each moment is part of the process. Can I say the power of now? Oh yes!

So, get out and explore nature and you will be more fit and healthier too.

Bob Choat


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