Eating Kale for Optimal Health, Strength and Power!

Eating Kale for Optimal Health, Strength and Power!

Posted by Bob Choat; October 2, 2013

Today is National Kale Day and let me suggest adding this excellent veggie to your diet (if you haven’t already). As far as vegetables in your grocery aisle, kale is one of the most nutrient dense foods you can get. One cup has only 33.5 calories and yet, it contains 10,302IU of Vitamin A, 80.4 mg of Vitamin C and 547 mcg of Vitamin K (which is 684% of the recommended daily amount). Imagine getting nearly 7 times of the recommended amount of a highly effective antioxidant the natural way. That is some powerful stuff!

Kale is best organic due to the high amount of pesticides

On top of the antioxidants, kale is a powerful anti-inflammatory food. The omega 3’s outnumber the omega 6’s by a 4 to 3 ratio.  The average Western diet has a 1 to 20+ ratio and that is not good in any sense.  Our Paleo ancestors had more omega 3’s versus omega 6’s.  It’s no wonder the Western world as well as the rest of the world is suffering from a high amount of inflammation.  And with the prevalent of increased obesity, FatFlammation is becoming a major concern.

Did you know that Kale is the closest relative to wild cabbage?

As highly nutrient dense food, zoos across the United States regularly feed gorillas kale as part of a healthy diet. We all know that they powerful apes. I mean, I wouldn’t want to be in the grip of one, even if I was the world’s strongest man. A gorilla could rip any man apart. I don’t suggest going on a strict vegan diet and I surely don’t myself. What I mean is to increase your diet where nutrient dense veggies are a major part of it. Hey, if it’s good enough for a gorilla, it’s good enough for me. Your body will thank you plenty too.

When you combine kale with other high quality foods, your body will get stronger and more powerful. You will get lean too. Yes, you still have to move your butt. I’ve gotten into training more like an ape and a cat lately. Parkour sure does that for me.

Kale can be prepared a number of ways. Heck, how about making some kale chips? They are tasty, crunchy and the healthiest chips you’ll ever eat!  Here’s what you need to do:

Kale Chips

One head of organic kale, washed and dried
Organic olive oil
Sea salt or Himalayan salt (that pink stuff)
Freshly ground pepper and other spices (depending on your your taste buds)
If you want, add some Parmesan cheese

Cut or piece up the kale into bite-sized pieces. Toss into a mixing bowl Sprinkle the olive oil over it. Add in the spices, salt and Parmesan cheese (if you want). Spread it out on a cookie sheet. Put it into a preheated oven at 250 degrees temperature for about 30 minutes. Turn once about half way through (15 minutes). And you’re done! Enjoy them…

Enjoy kale all the time. Get healthier as you do. Just because it’s healthy for you, doesn’t mean it has to taste bad. You can enjoy kale in a multitude of ways. Do it!

Bob Choat


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