Don’t let your age define you. Define your age by your Lifestyle.

Don’t let your age define you. Define your age by your Lifestyle.

Posted by Bob Choat; November 12, 2013

Many of my fellow Baby Boomers have changed from the way I knew them so many years ago.  It’s not just their physical appearance that has changed either. It’s their attitude in life. While some still have the youthful outlook, most have simply relegated themselves to their chronological age.

I’m wondering whatever happened to those youngsters that was going to conquer the world? It’s crazy to think about and it certainly doesn’t seem like that long ago. We were all so active in life. We were the hippies, the yuppies, the gang at the discos, some of us went into the military, while others protested the war. Yet, through it all, we were active and engaged in life.


I know that some of them still want that same vitality they once had. Yet, they didn’t take the actions necessary to keep it. Jack LaLanne showed us the way. He insisted that we eat healthy and live foods closest to Mother Nature. He insisted we workout everyday. Others came along too.  Yet, did we listen? Not many. We got fatter and lost our way. We traded in our health for the suburbs just so we could work more hours to “keep up with the Jones’.” We let life get to us. And now as we’re nearing retirement or have already reached it, we got old. Old in spirit which has led to old in mind and body.

Let me suggest that you don’t let your chronological age define you. It’s time to revive that youthful spirit. Find a purpose. And live a healthy, vibrant lifestyle. Take continuous action towards a youthful age. Redefine it. Move your body like you did when you were much younger. Heck, it’s one of the reasons I do Parkour, it is kinda like what I did in the Marines.

When you do that and do it consistently, you will one day in the near future rediscover that self you once thought you lost. The one full of ideas and purpose and feeling really great! Now, go do it!

Bob Choat


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