Dance Your Way to Fitness

Dance Your Way to Fitness

Posted by Bob Choat; October 10, 2013

As the current season of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars progresses through the weeks, part of the transition that each of the stars have gone through is that of getting fit. Many have dropped bodyfat fast! I don’t think that too many people realize that dancing can be an exercise. And it’s fun too.

Whenever I workout at home each day, I warm up by dancing to the music I have playing on the radio (which is K-EARTH 101 FM in Los Angeles, CA). I can tell you that it’s an amazing warm-up when done right. I tend to move my body all over the place and it can be a workout in itself.

If you were to look at professional dancers of every dancing genre, they are in pretty good shape. The competitors in ballroom dancing are in phenomenal physical shape. It can certainly be challenging if engaged in over a long period of time.

I remember decades ago when “Jazzercize” was all the rage. It simply added the dance element to aerobic exercising. Since the, dance types of exercises has progressed into many forms. Over the last few years, Zumba Fitness has caught on big. Taking from the Latin types of dance moves, Zumba has gained a worldwide following. My friend, Lucila Perez, of Puerto Rico is a Master Instructor. When I first met her in Knoxville, TN back in 2011, she was on fire when she taught a group and it sure was fun. I can see why it is so popular. Find a local instructor in Zumba and get going in a fun-filled class!

Another current form of dance that is taking hold is pole dancing. This is especially developed for women and it comes right out of strip clubs. It combines gymnastic-like moves on a pole. Unlike traditional dancing where you engage your legs more, pole dancing is more upper body. I think it’s a perfect compliment to traditional forms of dancing and helps to develop a well-rounded body.

Whatever form of dance you do, realize that if you engage in it consistently, you will get into shape. (Make sure to stay away from all those sugary foods as well.)

You can begin at any level and work your way up. You can even find a class in your area or start learning via video. And if you’re like me, turn on your favorite dance tunes and start dancing the moves you did back in high school. It’s all about having fun and moving your body anyway. Do it all the time and everywhere. At least I do.

Anyone ready for a dance night out?

Bob Choat


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