Ask Yourself: Do You Think It is Possible?

Ask Yourself: Do You Think It is Possible?

Posted by Lori Shemek; January 14, 2013

Are you afraid of not succeeding? What are you letting slip by in your life because of that fear it will not come to fruition?

Many people never dare to dream or if they do, they quickly dismiss it because they are afraid the goal is impossible. They have come to believe that their past failures are a definitive example of what will happen again. They erroneously conclude that their goals are unachievable and impossible. There are many reasons goals are not successful. The key is in understanding the reason why the goal was not accomplished and that it was not because of an inherent flaw in you.

There are many likely reasons you may not have accomplished your goals in the past:

  1. Possibly you did not have all the right information that you needed to take you to success.
  2. Maybe there was a small part of you that felt you didn’t deserve it.
  3. Did you really really want it?
  4. Possibly you didn’t have the support you needed to achieve your goal.

So look specifically at what kept you from achieving that goal. Once you have that knowledge, you are armed with a critical success tool, one huge step in the right direction.

Instead of assuming that something is impossible for you, become a possibility thinker! Look to the reasons why the goal will work for you and remember that the goals you did not achieve in the past – were not the actual goals or an inherent flaw in you, but more about a lack of self-knowledge.