Are You Playing Roulette with Your Health?

Are You Playing Roulette with Your Health?

Posted by Lori Shemek; January 12, 2013

“Poor diet and lack of exercise cause 580,000 deaths every year. Far more than deaths caused by either guns or drug use.”

How many people are living and losing their lives without the knowledge that their day-to-day choices may be killing them? Absurd thinking? No. We know guns cause pain and kill because it is tangible, something that can be seen, felt – sending shock waves. Drug use as well, we see the effects play out in the downward spiral of our friend, family member or other that is all too apparent.

When we choose unhealthy foods or we do not exercise, we are playing roulette with our health and we do not see it for decades (and yes, I hear your grumblings). I know you hear about unhealthy this or that all the time.

But get this:

If every time we ate sugar, processed foods like white flour, cakes, cookies, fried foods, we felt some type of pain signal – chances are we wouldn’t touch the stuff. This is the irony of unhealthy choices such as not exercising or choosing unhealthy foods – it is insidious, we cannot feel the damage  until symptoms appear and that means the underlying unhealthy illness process is there.

But, keep up the unhealthy choices and guess what? The odds are – you get the roulette bullet. Our bodies really do present its bill in time.

So every single day, make it your mission to take at least one healthy action step – no matter how small. It is those seeds we sow that create our healthy harvest.

So what can you do about it? Well, get into a healthier mindset starting today! It will be the choices that you make from this point forward that will have either a positive or negative consequence. Choose a lifestyle that focuses on complete health, from what you eat and what you do physically to start, will all create a healthier you.