Accelerating Your Fat Loss: The 4X4 Formula

Accelerating Your Fat Loss: The 4X4 Formula

Posted by Bob Choat; April 8, 2014

Losing weight can be daunting and in today’s world it’s become much harder for many. I’m pretty lucky in that fitness has been a way of life for me since I was a kid. The idea of movement was instilled in me by my mother and others as a lifestyle. Only my father and his side of my family were not keen to the idea of a healthy lifestyle.

What I’ve noticed in my own and the lives of others is that some people have it easy and others have it hard. Even with certain weight loss programs, like Jenny Craig, many just can’t seem to lose their excess bodyfat.

Whenever I created a marketing strategy for various products and services, a big part of it was how to make sure that it was the most effective and efficient possible. In it I utilized multiple marketing strategies and techniques. Each one alone had a certain level of effectiveness. The combination of multiple marketing strategies helped to accelerate growth more than just the sum of each separate one. In a sense, it was a compounding effect that took place.

In the arena of weight loss, the same methodology can be applied. I call it the 4X4 Formula for Fast Weight Loss.

The formula consists of 4 different areas to focus on regarding a healthy and fit lifestyle combined with different strategies within each area.  The four areas are: mindset, diet, fitness and sleep.  Simply focusing on just one of those will have an affect on your overall health.  The combination of all four areas has a compounded effect. And going further, bringing in the strategies in each area will have a compounded effect in that area and multiply it to all four areas helps create accelerated fat loss.

What is a key to the whole program is the reduction of FatFlammation™ (as coined by Dr. Lori Shemek).  This is low-level form of inflammation that is directly and indirectly caused by increased levels of obesity.

 I will set the stage for the 4X4 by going through each one with 4 layers. This is a basic overview. Mindset is the first area of fat loss. Having the right mindset is a big key to successful weight loss or just about anything else in life as well.
  • The first layer of mindset is having a reason why. When you know your why, then you’ll be very successful in any endeavor and especially in losing weight.
  • The second layer is that of stress reduction. Emotional stress (aka: distress) leads to an increase in cortisol.  That has shown to aid in  the accumulation of belly fat. Distress also increases one to make unhealthier choices, such as the foods we eat.
  • The third layer is that of habit change.  The best way to change a habit is to find one similar, but more positive in nature.  Eventually, through consistency of action, you’ll develop a new habit.
  • The fourth layer is that of visualization and imagery. When you can imagine what you want (how you will look when you lose your excess body fat), then you can make it happen.
Diet and nutrition is the next area of fat loss. For eons mankind has kept pretty fit and a lot of it was due to their diet.  Since there was very little to eat at times, it stands to reason that the amount of calories counted.  Yet, today, we face the kind of calories that our ancestors didn’t eat and we have in abundance!
  •  The first layer is that of eating nature’s way. Our paleolithic ancestors ate quite a bit of prebiotic fiber (135 grams) compared to the Average American today (3-5 grams).  Also, staying away from processed foods will help to increase fat loss.
  • The second layer is that of keeping hydrated. The majority of people are mildly dehydrated and that leads to a host of problems. One being the increase of appetite for junk foods.  Make sure to drink plenty of water.
  • The third layer is that of the elimination of processed sugars, including high fructose corn syrup. If we simply eliminated sugary drinks, such as sodas and fruit drinks, we’d go a long way to losing excess fat.
  • The fourth layer is that of consuming healthy proteins.  This includes both animal and plant proteins that are of high quality.  Make sure to go organic or wild as much as possible.
Exercise and fitness is the next area of fat loss.  Today, we see an increase in inactivity across all areas of society.  This is not just in the United States, but across the globe.  A lot of factors are involved and technology has simply added fuel to this fire of obesity.
  • The first layer is that of natural movement.  There used to be a time when we went outside most of the time and engaged in physical activity.  When I was a kid I would venture out and play many different types of outdoor games.  You know what?  I stayed fit and so did those around me.  Movement through the environment is one the best ways to get and stay fit.
  • The second layer is that of resistance training.  Building muscle will help in lowering body fat.  One of the reasons why I ask my clients and others to measure their waist and not their weight is that it’s a more accurate measurement regarding their obesity rate.  Work on major muscle groups to get the best results.  Legs and glutes are key.  Still, work all areas for balance.
  • The third layer is that of high intensity interval training (HIIT). A little goes a long way.  It’s been known for awhile how much HIIT helps to speed up one’s metabolic rate and sustain it long after a workout.  There are a variety of ways to do interval training.  Add this to what you do.
  • The fourth layer is that of consistent movement throughout the day.  Move as much as you can, including walking more.  Walking should always be a part of your regime and a part of your day, all day long. Walk everywhere.  When you park, find the furthest parking space.  Simply walk and move.
Sleep is the last area of fat loss.  More and more studies have come out regarding the importance of quality sleep for optimal health and fitness.  Our brains also need it to help eliminate the junk that built up in there.  Quality sleep will help to lessen the activation of the hormone Ghrelin and increase Leptin.
  • The first layer is that of a restful REM (rapid eye movement) state.  You can accomplish this by making sure the environment is set right.  This includes it being cool, dark and quiet.  Getting 7-9 hours of quality sleep per night will help you to live a healthier lifestyle in all the other areas.
  • The second layer is that of a nap.  Studies have shown that those that take an afternoon nap will perform better as well as be much healthier overall.
  • The third layer is that of keeping positive before bedtime.  One’s mental state will affect their sleep state.  Eliminate watching the news or negative shows prior to sleep.  Keep a journal will help in making the necessary adjustments.
  • The fourth layer is that of nutrition.  Make sure to eliminate carbs before bedtime.  Recent studies have shown that this affects sleep.  So does drinking water before bedtime too.  In fact, a night terror has been attributed to a rapid blood sugar drop during sleep.

Simply by combining these different areas into your life, you’ll go a long way to losing your excess body fat. Eventually, this will be a habit and a way of life. A healthy and fit life. If you make a mistake in one or more areas, don’t fret about it.  Like I said, if you do even one area right, you’ll have some success. I wish you the best as you give each day your all.

Cheers, Bob Choat


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