7 Alkaline Shifts to Optimize Health

7 Alkaline Shifts to Optimize Health

Posted by Lori Shemek; February 24, 2018

Many times searching for the holy grail of health takes us on a winding path and down the proverbial healthy rabbit hole. However, one other area of health that many hesitate to tread is that of an alkaline path simply because they either do not understand it or have apprehensions. They may conjur up images of alkaline foods and ph paper and that is where the search ends. 

Choosing an alkaline way of eating can be done quite easily. As a rule of thumb, choosing 80 percent alkaline foods (veggies and legumes) and 20 percent acidic foods (meat and carbs) is the way to go, but small shifts have a powerful impact.

The best part about optimizing health is that certain choices will always overlap and/or support a healthy state, such as when choosing alkaline foods, you are always choosing nutrient dense foods or physical exercise will promote better brain health and mental well-being.

What is the difference between an alkaline body and an acidic body?  The difference between acidic and alkaline foods is what they do inside the body; From a scale of 0 to 14, a compound is acidic if the pH level is anywhere between 0 to 7, or alkaline if its pH level falls within 7 to 14. A pH level of 7 indicates that a compound is neutral.

The body is so finely tuned in that if one is eating acidic foods, the body can adjust. However, if one is consistently eating acidic foods, it becomes an invitations to less than optimal health including infection and disease.

Many diseases and other health conditions are also found with extreme levels of pH in the body. Metabolism, digestion, and oxygen absorption are all affected by the pH balance of the body

So what small changes can you make to shift to a more alkaline diet?  Check out these 7 Alkaline Shifts below.

7 Easy Alkaline Shifts

Implement These Choices

Ensure 80% of your food is alkaline and 20% acidic. Stay super-hydrated with an alkaline water, Eat more organic greens, healthy fats, nuts, seeds, green drinks, and minerals. Eat less junk food, sugar, trans-fats, excess dairy, excess meat, no processed foods or soda. When you do, you will see your health and energy soar!

Drink Your Water. 

Water from the tap and most bottled waters are acidic..so important to know because with every sip, alkalinity disappears. Natural water available on the planet ranges in pH from 6.5 to 9.0, depending on surrounding soil and vegetation and other variables but who has access to that water?  Not many.

Alkaline hydrogen water is packed with antioxidants and an abundance of hydrogen ions. Hydrogen is such a small molecule, it can penetrate the the membrane of the cell, increasing optimal health, increase energ, helping to reverse inflammation, promote weight loss, it is anti-aging and much more.

My go-to water is an alkaline hydrogen water that is the premier water source for those who want an alkaline healthy body with every sip.

Add Alkaline Foods Slowly.

By slowly adding healthy foods and habits into your lifestyle, you will stay with your new found health and energy.. Consistency means you will see the results. Too many stop their healthy choices just when the body is ready to reveal signs that optimized health is emerging.

Eliminate Packaged, Prepared and Processed Foods.

These ‘foods’ are acidic and create inflammation in the body. Prioritizing your health means your choices are going to promote health, not destroy it.

Know your pH!

Track the pH levels of your urine and saliva on a daily basis. This is how you can determine if you are acidic OR alkaline.

This is a Lifestyle Change.

You are making a lifestyle change – this is not a diet.  When a certain change fits into your life comfortably, you can then focus on the next change. Commit yourself to healthy.

Take Action

There is a saying – “knowledge is power” knowledge isn’t power, its potential power. We can collect all the information in the world but if we don’t act upon it…it’s simply that …information.

Here’s the bottom line, all the information, tips, tricks, and healthy recipes aren’t going to help you if you aren’t determined to prioritize your health and make decisions and choices toward a permanent change. You can do it and I’m here supporting you!

©2018 DLS HealthWorks, LLC.  Lori Shemek, PhD health expert and weight loss expert.  Author of How To Fight FATflammation! and the best-selling author of  ‘Fire-Up Your Fat Burn!’