6 Ways to Keep Your Gut Healthy

6 Ways to Keep Your Gut Healthy

Posted by Lori Shemek; November 1, 2018

The gut is a crucial part of your body which starts from your mouth. The entire process of eating food, processing and digesting it is considered a part of your gut’s functions. Trillions of healthy bacteria collectively form a microbiome in your gut which weighs about 3 pounds. Dr. Jay Johnson, founder of Microbe Formulas, teaches that parasites can live in your body for many years depriving you of the vital nutrients you need to be healthy.

People suffering from emotional instability and mental health issues can benefit greatly by taking care of their gut. Poor gut health during the developmental years of a child has been proven to increase risks of depressive tendencies and anxiety issues. If you are trying to shed some pounds and switch to a healthier lifestyle, the first thing to do is keep clean your inner digestive system as gut can bacterias can control how hungry you feel throughout the day. Know that binge eating problem are just a major consequence of poor gut health in a person.

Show your gut some care, follow these 6 super easy ways to keep your gut healthy long-term:

Try More Fermented Foods

 Include more naturally fermented food like pickles, yogurt, miso, natto, tempeh, and kimchi in your diet for a few weeks to notice genuine changes in your health. Fermented food improves the functioning of your immune system and helps curb sugar cravings.

Slowly transitioning from fries and hotdogs to healthier foods takes time to do it successfully. Give it some time and remember being consistent is key. Dietary changes should become more of a lifestyle than habit. If you are a cheese lover who also wants to keep their gut healthy, try including raw and unpasteurized cheese in your meals, which also is a naturally fermented, delicious food item.

Increase the Movement

 Gut health is not just about regulating your diet for better, but also having an overall active lifestyle. Lying on the couch all day long and not allowing your body enough movement can have serious consequences on your gut health, weight and metabolism in general. A recent study conducted in Ireland found that athletes and highly active people have diverse microbiomes and way healthier digestive systems than less active people. Stop using the remote and get up to change the channel. Cook for yourself instead of ordering food online. These little changes will help your body move more naturally.

Feed Your Body Those Probiotics!

Probiotics are specific bacteria that maintain your gut’s health and keep your immune system in good condition. Consuming them isn’t a threat as these healthy bacteria never permanently colonize your intestine and simply resort to regulating your body quality microbiome deficiency problems.

Although probiotics may not work wonders for people who already have a healthy gut, it is very useful to those who haven’t bothered caring for their metabolism and gut health for a long time. If you’re one of the latter people, choose high-quality probiotics, they’re gut-friendly and a healthy addition!

Start Adopting an Active Lifestyle

Although a lifestyle change is difficult at first, you will begin loving the positivity it brings after getting used to it. Here’s a fun fact- people with active lifestyles live significantly longer and more joyful lives than those who don’t. You might be missing out on both gut health and a long happy life. Once you begin liking a movement oriented lifestyle, it is not that tough to pursue its long term.

Switch To More Greens!

We’ve all heard your teachers, parents, and physicians suggest eating more leafy and green vegetables. Although it is an old healthy recommendation, (remember our grandmother’s sage advice to do so?) it really is good for your gut health (feeding the healthy gut bacteria) and improving metabolism. Diets rich in fruits and green vegetables like leafy greens, help reduce the number of harmful bacteria in your system and also are natural, fresh and easily available.

Natural cleaners for your home

Most of us are accustomed to using chemically formulated house cleaners on a daily basis for our floors, glass, appliances and more. However, these cleaners not only kill the harmful bacteria but they also don’t spare the good ones, which can cause a major hindrance not only to you, but during your child’s developmental years.

It is best to use natural cleaners made out of baking soda, lemon juice or vinegar or those found at healthy stores. Conventional cleaners are easily accessible but equally harmful to your gut health.

The one thing you can do to keep your immune system working well, staying away from diseases is kept your gut healthy and fresh. Keeping your gut healthy not only increases your metabolism, but it also improves the functionality of your digestive system and ultimately optimizing your health and mental well-being. Switch to healthier gut and lifestyle today with the useful tips mentioned above!