5 Ways to Add Extra Physical Fitness Activities Into Your Day

5 Ways to Add Extra Physical Fitness Activities Into Your Day

Posted by Bob Choat; October 13, 2013

I’ve had many people tell me they don’t have the time to exercise or they don’t know what to do. Back when I was younger, the only gyms that were around were the hardcore bodybuilding and powerlifting gyms (aside from the ones in schools). Many guys had backyard set-ups as well. Today, there’s a plethora of fitness centers around the country. We’ve seen this increase over the last 30 years. We’ve also seen a huge increase in obesity as well.

I realize that the diet has changed quite a bit and so has physical activity. Meals are larger and exercise is less. Regarding exercising, I think that the majority of people falsely believe that it can only be done at a gym or via some fancy fitness equipment. I’m here to tell you that it can and should be done anywhere and at anytime.

Don’t get stuck in a rut when it comes to working out!

Physical exercise doesn’t have to be done at a specific time (though, you can set up a time). It also doesn’t have to be done at a specific location. Where you are at right now can be used to train. You don’t have to do it for specific length of time either. A bit here and and a bit there counts. I’ve made suggestions that those at work can take 5-10 minutes at their desk and before lunch to do a few squats and push-ups. It is up to you and your motivation to move your body. And move it at a pace that challenges you.

Here are five ways that adds extra physical fitness activities to your days:

  1. Park your car and walk more.  If you’re at a shopping center, park at the farthest parking space and walk. If you plan on hitting more than one store, go back and forth between your car and the store to unload your purchases (making sure to put them in your trunk or hide them). If grocery shopping is part of the agenda, do that last. If you’re at a mall, take the stairs. Walking burns 120-150 calories per half hour.
  2. Engage in housework as exercise You can do lunges while vacuuming. Lifting and carrying a laundry basket challenges your whole body. And there are many more housework activities that you can add. This burns 150 calories per hour.
  3. Get out and work in your garden. Not only will you have a lot of physical activity that challenges you, you’ll also get Vitamin D during sunny days. My grandfather would work early in the morning to late in the day on his farm. He was strong throughout his life. If you’re growing veggies, then picking and preparing them for dinner also burns calories. And you’ll have other health benefits as well.
  4. Stand more and sit less. Standing burns more calories than sitting due to your body having to maintain it’s whole structure. Extra credit 1: Stand on one leg. Balancing adds in more calorie burn. Extra credit 2: Tighten your buns. This helps to strengthen your glutes and burns calories. Do this sitting and standing.
  5. Wash your own car. This activity burns about 135 calories in half an hour and it saves you $$$ due to you doing it yourself and not at the car wash.

What these 5 activities shows you is that exercise comes in many forms. You may think of it as work and still, it does work. Any physical activity takes effort. Even dancing (which also counts). It’s up to you. Just don’t think of exercise as simply going to the gym or needed fancy equipment. It’s more of doing. Just do it!

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