5 Tips to Make Your Workout Fun

5 Tips to Make Your Workout Fun

Posted by Steve Stearns; March 18, 2014

It’s understandable why some people don’t look forward to their workout….after all WORK is right up front. What if your workout was more like play? What if it was more fun and something you looked forward to? If you want to add some fun back into your fitness routine try these tips.

Find an active hobby

Active Hobby

An active hobby is something you like to do that requires some physical activity.When you have a hobby that relies on you to be physical it’s easier to stay active. Find a hobby that interests you and is stimulating. It will take your fitness to a whole new dimension. You’ll look forward to getting physically active when it’s something you’re passionate about. Hobbies like mountain biking,running, hiking or tennis are all great examples. If those don’t sound interesting, what about Civil War Reenactment,  Amateur Geology, Gardening or Ultimate Frisbee? There are plenty of exciting options available and something for everybody. Need some additional ideas? Check out this list of 30 Active Hobbies from Ancestral Health Consulting.

Stay focused on #1 when you workout

Having an active hobby is a two for one tip. You’ll stay fit and active while enjoying your hobby and stay motivated to workout and improve your ability. When your workout has a purpose it’s more fun and rewarding.

Get Creative

Get creative and look for ways to mimic bodyweight movements required for your new passion. I love telemark skiing so I add a twist (literally) in my lunge and imagine my upper body is facing down the fall line. I even keep my hands out and pretend I’m holding my poles. If you’re into basketball try plyometric froggies that closely mimic a jump shot. The possibilities are endless.

Learn Something New

One of the best ways to keep things fun is to try something new. Learning is fantastic for your brain, awesome motivation and perfect for increasing the fun. A couple of years ago I tried Disc Golf for the first time and loved it! I’m still “learning” about the game and that keeps it super fun and challenging.

Mix It Up

As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life and adding different activities throughout the week can keep things from getting stale. If you’re a runner, try roller blading on off days. Try a new dance, tai chi or yoga class. If you’re a cyclist hit the trails a few times a week, if you’re a mountain biker get out on the road occasionally. Cross-training is an outstanding way to strengthen your muscles and keep your fitness routine  stimulating.


So if you’re bored with your workout and you want to add a little fun back into your fitness routine look for a new active hobby. Learn something new, get creative with your strength training and incorporate some variety into your week. It doesn’t take much to put some fun back into your fitness and it could be just what you need to take your health to the next level.

See you outside!

Steve Stearns is an avid outdoorsman and host of the Outside Health and Fitness podcast. He shares practical advice, resources and interviews experts from the world of fitness, nutrition and health. His goal is to help others discover new, fun and effective ways to be naturally fit, healthy and happy.
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