5 Tips to Help You feel Healthier the Day After Thanksgiving

5 Tips to Help You feel Healthier the Day After Thanksgiving

Posted by Lori Shemek; November 28, 2013

Uh Oh, you did it again..Have you ever been there?  Thanksgiving Day was a feast plus and you wake up the next day vowing to starve yourself with juicing and salads.  Do not do this.  The healthiest path and one where you will feel immediate changes come from the best choices.  Scientific research shows that even small changes will markedly improve our health on a cellular level immediately.

So let go of the guilt, the regret and move forward!  Here are my best 5 tips to help you feel better and get on the path to optimal health:

1. Do NOT starve yourself. 
This is the worst possible course of action.  Most people have bought into the low calorie myth and are paying for it.  When you starve yourself, you are also starving the cell’s nutrition and that means a body that is not running efficiently.  Efficient human bodily mechanisms equates to optimal health.  If you starve yourself, you are slowing down the metabolism and this will not serve you in the end as the body thinks its starving and tries to conserve the energy output.  Your goal is to eat healthfully.

2. Eat only clean foods. 
Eat foods that are not processed such as lean proteins, lots of veggies and reduced carbohydrate intake.  This will keep your metabolism humming.

3. Drink Water. 
Most people are mildly dehydrated and do not realize it.  They are walking around with symptoms such as fatigue, joint pain, headaches, weight gain and hunger for example when a glass of water is really what they need.  When you are mildly dehydrated (most are), your cellular function slows down and that means your metabolism as well.

4. Reduce your salt intake. 
If you had your fill of sodium Thanksgiving Day, chances are you are a bit bloated.  Reduce the amount of salt you use today – that action combined with drinking water will keep the bloat away.

5. Move your body. 
Moving your body will help not only balance your blood sugar and reduce low-level inflammation (core cause of weight gain), but exercise will also reduce stress..and who doesn’t need a bit of that during the holidays?  Exercise in any form, is the #1 stress reduction technique prescribed.

By implementing these 5 tips, you will be on the road to optimal health, feeling great and leaving that unhealthy feeling behind you.

To Your Health,