5 Nutrients That Must Be Incorporated Into Your diet For Fat Loss

5 Nutrients That Must Be Incorporated Into Your diet For Fat Loss

Posted by Lori Shemek; March 8, 2015

Guest post by Edward Francis: Losing weight by eating food is something many people don’t believe can happen. The human body works in mysterious ways, and believe it or not, certain types of foods have nutrients that help it drop fat. These are called fat-burning nutrients that speed up the weight loss process when included into our daily diets. For them to work they have to be combined with a workout routine. The safest, surest way to lose weight is by eating the right foods. Here are 5 nutrients that help you shed fat the healthy way.

1. Calcium
A lot of people avoid milk products because they don’t know how to eat them right. While full-fat milk products are not good for your diet, we can’t say the same thing about other dairies like cottage cheese or yoghurt. Calcium is an important mineral that must be included into the diet of people who want to lose weight. According to researchers, the more calcium fat cells have the more fat will be released. Weight loss is also promoted through the binding of the fat to people’s GI tract, thus preventing some from being absorbed into the blood.

2. Protein
Aside from keeping people’s hunger under control, protein maintains body composition. Together with vitamin D and calcium, protein helps preserve muscle mass as people lose weight. As for healthy sources of protein, both men and women should include more eggs, fish, dairy, beans and lean meats into their regimen. It’s equally important to exercise for the best results. There was a study published in Nutrition Metabolism, and it emphasized that dieters who upped their protein levels by 30% ate fewer calories during the day (450 less calories) and even lost 11 pounds over a period of 12 weeks without having to take other drastic dietary measures.

Salmon Dinner

3. Omega-3 fatty acids
These fatty acids facilitate weight loss when they become enzymes that activate the fat-burning process inside the cells. The nutrients help increase mood while reducing emotional eating. Omega-3s keep the heart healthy too, and they might perk up leptin levels inside the brain. This means the brain is signaled that you’ve had enough food. Salmon is an excellent source of omega-3s, and meals based on salmon should be included 2 times per week. Some other foods rich in this nutrient are seeds, nuts and leafy greens.

4. CLA – conjugated linoleic acid
Conjugated linoleic acid, also known as CLA, is a potent fat burning nutrient found – along with calcium and vitamin D – in dairy products, but also in meat such as beef. These fatty acids are created through fermentation; when we include these foods into the system, the levels of CLA aids blood glucose penetrate the cells of the body. CLA is burned for energy and it is not stored in the system as fat. CLAs help promote the fat burning process, particularly in the muscles where the main caloric burning process takes place.

green tea

5. Polyphenols
Polyphenols are in fact antioxidants. These are found in green tea and they’re excellent for boosting your metabolism. Studies have proven that polyphenols increase metabolic rate by 17%, thus making the body burn fat faster. Green tea in particular may block weight gain, and the effect is felt after you’ve drank a cup of tea. The body heats up instantly, and your system’s cells dissipate calories as heat. This beverage is an excellent drink in wintertime, when we tend to eat more to stay energized. Green tea has many added benefits, aside from reducing cravings and hunger; it keeps free radicals at bay, which means your body will feel healthier and stronger. As you can see it is important to include essential nutrients into our bodies if we want to lose weight the healthy way. Fad diets almost never work because they weaken the body, triggering the yo-yo effect. Basically, you lose weight only to gain more than you had in the first place once you return to your regular lifestyle. Losing weight can be done exclusively with nutrients taken from food. Adhering to a proper diet, including enough protein and limiting caloric intake and unhealthy fats are essential steps we must take into account if we want to shed unwanted pounds without putting our general wellbeing in jeopardy.

Guest post by Edward Francis and Nuique.com!  
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