5 Keys to Making Health and Fitness a Priority in the New Year…

5 Keys to Making Health and Fitness a Priority in the New Year…

Posted by Bob Choat; January 1, 2014


Okay, another year has passed you by and what have you done regarding your health and fitness? Let me look back over the year. Well, you probably had high expectations as to what you were going to accomplish, right? So, you took off fast and even had some successes. Then, you either got bored or progression stopped. Maybe you thought that you’d have the same results as those people on The Biggest Loser. I am here to tell that having those kinds of achievements are not going to happen unless you have a team of trainers, a nutritionist, a health chef, a doctor, not worried about your job, a place away from your home, a great support system, a gym and more…

Here’s the reality: Maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle is tough. Yet, it is achievable.  It simply starts with making it a priority in your life. I know of many guys who take much better care of their cars than they do themselves. They’ll give their automobiles the best oil, parts, fuel and more. They spends massive amounts of money to make sure that their cars are in the best of condition. And these same guys are fat and so far out-of-shape that some of them looks as if they’ll keel over and die at any second. They eat junk food at a local drive-in and at the same time showing off their classic automobile.


You see, health and fitness for them are not a priority. It’s much harder and sometimes painful for people to get into shape and stay there. They may even be addicted to junk food, so it is even harder.

My aim for you is to make health and fitness a priority in your life. When you do that, day in and day out, then and only then will you get the benefits of health and fitness and look good too.

Here are five keys to help you get going in that direction…

  1. Uncover your personal “reason why” you want health and fitness in your life. Without the why, you have no reason to even get going. The more personal and deeper the emotion you have towards it, the more likely you’ll maintain your commitment.
  2. Imagine what your daily life would be like if you were healthy and fit. That includes both your personal and work life. Would you have increased productivity at work? Would your sex life be better? How would people respond to you? What else would be better for you?
  3. Surround yourself with healthy and fit people. That includes both online and offline. The more you’re around those that are where you want to be, the more their lifestyle will rub off on you. In a sense, it’s the influence of the group. We are always being influenced by those closest to us. It may be that you will have to let go of some people in order to move forward to that healthier and fit life. Also, let go of the guilt associated with letting go.
  4. Have a good support system. This is important so that they will be there if you make mistakes or fall off the health and fitness bandwagon. They will be there to pull you back up.  Your support system can come from some of those who are healthy and fit. They can come from a trainer, a coach, a friend, a family member or just about anyone else who what you to move forward.
  5. Keep a journal. If you want a device that will help you to discover what works for you to what doesn’t, a journal is the best way. Additionally, you’ll keep a journey of what you’ve done and if you ever need to refer back to it, then it will be there for you. Make sure to document you fitness training, your diet, your emotional state and more.

Utilize these keys as you move through the new year with a new attitude. Make this coming year one of health, fitness and happiness. Happy New Year!

Cheers, Bob Choat


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