5 Keys to Creating Healthy Associations that Will Transform Your Health!

5 Keys to Creating Healthy Associations that Will Transform Your Health!

Posted by Bob Choat; September 21, 2013

“We view a behavior as more correct in a given situation to the degree that we see other performing it.”
~Robert Cialdini

It’s long been said that “birds of a feather, flock together.” In the area of health and fitness, this is so true. We literally become who we associate with the most. In every area of life, successful people tend to hang out with other successful people. People who consistently fail at the same things, tend to associate with like-minded people. I’ve seen people transform from one mindset to another simply because of who they were around most of the time. All of this falls into the realm of social influence.

I remember when I was with the Los Angeles Police Department and one of the things we did on a regular basis was to hit the local “police friendly” bar after our shift. Unlike the fire department, we had no debriefing after a major incident. We simply talked about what happened over booze. There is a high incidence of alcoholism in the law enforcement community. I learned to start associating with people outside of law enforcement and even stopped drinking during that time.

As I think about associations where healthy (or unhealthy) are about, I think in contrast between a fitness center and a Southern church buffet. Each will have people who tend to be like others within their respective groups. Each will even read the same material and talk about the same things. Yes, there are those within each group who don’t follow along with the group as a whole and they are rare. Whenever a group of people come together, each wants to fit in. In order to do that, they will do the same things and follow the same behavior. Healthy living is the same way.

Let me ask you, do you currently have associations in your life that keeps from becoming healthy? If you do, then here are five keys to help you move towards health when you take the necessary actions:

  1. Find a new group of friends to associate with. That includes people who are health focused. You might want friends who are even experts in their respective areas of health. These include fitness trainers, nutritionists and so forth.  Don’t let any of them intimidate you. Most of them want to help.
  2. Start reading books and magazines on health and fitness. Listen to audio tapes and watch videos as well. The more you read, listen to and watch, the more you will absorb. Your subconscious mind will start to be reprogrammed in this way. In fact, fill your surroundings with such materials.
  3. Take classes on health and fitness. You can get ideas from these types of classes as well as finding new friends who share that common goal of health.
  4. Take immediate action on what you’ve studied, learned and discovered. The more you do, the faster you will make it a part of you. Part of the action you take is to find like-minded friends who want to be part or helping you with it.
  5. Teach what you’ve studied, learned and discovered. This includes what your healthier friends have shared with you. Another benefit of teaching and/or sharing is that you will help to create new associations of healthy people. At least those ready to be transformed.

Keep going and be consistent. Also be consistent with your new relationships in health and fitness. If you’re having challenges, go to them first and not to those who have unhealthy habits. Watch out for the saboteurs among the unhealthy associations. And slowly start to move away from them and moving towards the healthy groups.

I wish you the best as you create a life of health, fitness and true longevity.

Bob Choat


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