5 Easy Exercise Routines That Require Little or No Equipment

5 Easy Exercise Routines That Require Little or No Equipment

Posted by Bob Choat; September 23, 2013

I’ve heard all the complaints and excuses regarding working out. It’s too hard! It’s too expensive! It takes too much time! I realize not everyone will be at the same level as me or Dr. Lori Shemek. Heck, not many men can complete with her in fitness. As of this writing, she can do 14 pull-ups! The average man can do only one.

Having said that, each of you need to begin with where you are at right now. If you compare yourself to those of us that have been engaged in training for years, you shouldn’t. If you’ve been athlete in the past, don’t try to get it back in one swoop. If you have been a “couch potato” your whole life, then getting into exercising can be a challenge at any level.

This article is about showing you some easy, low or cost, fast ways that can help you at whatever level you are at in fitness. It doesn’t take much in making adjustments so that you can make each one more challenging.

  1. Walking that is challenging. Yes, this simple and primary form of fitness is often neglected in today’s world. You can start off with simply walking from point A to point B.  From there, pick up the pace. To make your walking workout shorter and still effective, then pick up the intensity. Do “Groucho Walks.” You would start them in a squatting position and maintain it as you walk as fast as you can. There are several YouTube videos that show exactly how to do them.  You can also do lunge walks. Fast, high intense walks can be added as well. Walk everywhere and as much as possible. Over time, you will notice the difference it makes in your body.
  2. Rope Skipping. I did these all the time and still do. You’ve seen professional boxers and MMA fighters use them. Why? Because they freaking work. You’re spending very little money on a device that has been proven over time. You can start out at an easy pace and work your way up when you’re able to get the timing down. Later, you can challenge yourself by getting fancy, though you don’t need to.
  3. Bodyweight Circuit Training. Pick 5-10 exercises that work each body part. For example: squats for legs, push-ups for chest, bodyweight rows for you back, burpees for overall body cardio and lying leg raises for you abdominal muscles. Do 10+ reps of each until you go through the whole circuit non-stop. Rest 1 minute and repeat until you’ve reaching an allotted amount of time, like 10 minutes. You could go up to 20 minutes.
  4. Sprints, level or uphill. Sprinting works the whole body. If you’ve even seen an Olympic sprinter, you can tell how amazing of a body they possess. In fact, Herschel Walker does sprints to help build his legs. He is strictly trains using only his bodyweight and is one of the fittest athletes in the world, even today at 51.
  5. Bodyweight strength/muscle building. You probably possess all the weight you’ll need to build muscle. That is all I do and have added 15 pounds of muscle over 18 months (who says we lose it after age 30?). All you have to do is to raise the intensity of each of your bodyweight exercises. First, make sure you are using proper form. Push-ups are great at working your upper body (chest, shoulders and triceps) and core. By speeding up or slowing down the intensity, you will challenge your muscles in forcing them to respond. This helps to create new muscle growth during your rest time. Handstands work your shoulders and arms, as well as your core (which is needed to help stabilize your body). Pull-ups work your back, biceps and forearms. Squats, whether with both legs or one leg, works your quads, glutes and hamstrings. Jumping works your calves. Hanging leg raises work your abs. You can find a bodyweight workout that works each part of your body.

Keep at any and all of these workouts. While I gave you five different types, there are many more. You don’t need a gym either. Except where you’re at right now. It would be your home, your work, at a park, on vacation… ANYWHERE! It’s a matter of taking action. These are easy to do, quick and even free for the most part (except for the jump rope). Now, get yourself off your duff and get going. No excuses anymore!

Bob Choat


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