6 Insider Tips to Slow or Even Stop Aging That Most Do Not Know About

6 Insider Tips to Slow or Even Stop Aging That Most Do Not Know About

Posted by Lori Shemek; January 14, 2014

Have you ever heard of the word Telomeres? You might be surprised to find that these tiny molecular caps are your key to slowing down aging. You know the little plastic tips on the ends of shoelaces? Those plastic tips protect and stop the fraying of the lace. In a very similar way, your telomomeres are protective caps on the ends of your chromosomes that protect your DNA, key to staying youthful.

Every time your cells divide, and they do naturally as you age, your telomeres become shorter and shorter with each division until the cell dies. You want to keep your cells intact and around as long as possible and that means you’ll keep your telomeres long.  The science of growing younger is the science of telomeres. People with the longest telomeres are the fittest, leanest, most youthful and longest lived people.

Here are the 6 tips to stop aging:

  1. Exercise.  I know, you’ve hear about the benefits of exercise ad nauseum, but there is a very special effect of exercise most do not know about:  exercise is one of the very few known ways to increase the length of your telomeres.  According to British research, 14 minutes of exercise each day help to make you look and feel nine years younger.  The enzyme Telomerase helps repair damaged telomeres (this is good) and exercise helps trigger the production of it.
  2. Reduce Stress.  We all know what stress can do to a body.  Most people who are chronically stressed do not look or feel their best.  The outside is only a reflection of what is really going on the inside.  When we are stressed, we trigger the hormone cortisol and this hormone speeds up the aging and shortening of our telomeres.  Any type of stress reduction such as deep breathing, meditating or anything that is truly relaxing and calming for 20 minutes a day, can actually makes your telomeres grow much longer and thicker that this can add six healthy years to your life.
  3. Eat Your Salad.  Adding an abundance of leafy greens to your diet will increase your intake of the very potent compound Alpha Lipoic Acid that protects your telomeres from environmental cellular damage and ultimately from shortening them.
  4. Kick bologna to the Curb.  It turns out that processed meats such as bologna, salami, ham that are a lunch staple can damage your telomeres. The chemical preservatives and poor fats in these meats can prevent your body from rebuilding your telomeres.  The more of these processed meats you eat, the more damage that occurs to your telomeres.
  5. Take an Age Defying Multivitamin.  A study conducted by the National Institutes of Health showed that those women who took a daily multivitamin helped grow their telomeres by a whopping 5% longer – in telomere length that is huge.  Multivitamins contain B vitamins and more to help protect and grow aging telomeres.
  6. Resveratrol.  Resveratrol is one of the few known antioxidants that has the ability to lengthen telomeres.  It deeply penetrate your cell’s nucleus helping to repair DNA damage and this is key to slowing aging.

Telomeres are our genetic yardstick of optimal health – treat them well!

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