Transform Your Life with Self-Motivation

Transform Your Life with Self-Motivation

Posted by Lori Shemek; June 25, 2020

The road to the accomplishment of dreams is often laden with challenges. These challenges thoroughly test your passion, will power and determination to accomplish your goals and emerging victoriously through them is not easy. But, once you emerge victoriously after combatting the challenges, you are embraced by the life of your dreams and immense joy of accomplishment fills your heart. This blog is dedicated to equipping you- ‘the victors to be’, with an elixir of success, which if you know how to derive and utilize, will transform your life by empowering you to pass the test of challenges with flying colours.

Self-Motivation: The elixir of success

The most basic requirement to overcome the challenges you face while undertaking the journey of your dreams is- Motivation. It frees you from the firm grip of disruptive forces like procrastination and submissiveness, which impede your progress. It also energizes your mind to put dedicated and persistent efforts in the direction of accomplishing your goals, despite being surrounded by the toughest of challenges. Along with this, motivation doesn’t let you succumb to your failures and empowers you to see them as the stepping stones to success. But, for motivation to create such powerful effects, it is necessary that it comes from within you. This is because the effect of motivation derived from external sources such as motivational videos, quotes and podcasts doesn’t last for long. Further, for you to march your way to success by combatting the challenges encountered, your motivation should not at all be transient. Rather, it should be eternal and everlasting and the only motivation which behaves this way is- Self-Motivation i.e. the motivation which comes from within.

How to derive motivation from within?

First of all, it is important for you to know that you hold an infinite reservoir of motivation within. It is everlasting and ever-accessible and the only thing which you have to learn is how to unleash its power. Given below are 5 powerful ways through which you can derive eternal and persistent motivation from within.

  1. Reiterate your ‘Why’:

Why do you wish to accomplish your goals? Is it because you want to ensure a happy, financially sound life for your family? Is it because you want to live the luxurious life you have always dreamt of? Or is it something else? Whatever that ‘why’ is, reiterating it will enable you to successfully tap into the infinite reservoir of self-motivation. Each time you find your determination going downhill, just start concentrating your mind on the ‘why’ behind your dreams and goals. This simple exercise will recharge your determination and re-ignite your spirit to work for your dreams, even in the midst of hardest challenges.

  1. Split your work targets into small achievable segments:

Setting up big targets to achieve all at once, creates a killing effect on your self-motivation. This is because having big work targets gives your mind an impression of how difficult the task of achieving the targets is and thus, drags you into a black hole of demotivation. In order to prevent this from happening and to stay self-motivated, it is vital for you to refrain from creating big work targets or complex, long to-do lists. Rather, you should split your work targets into small achievable segments. The mere splitting up of your work targets into smaller segments makes your mind believe in their comfortable achievability and thus, empowers you with self-motivation.

  1. Emulate your role model:

Who is your role model? If you know the answer that’s great! And if you don’t know, you can simply start searching for your role model now. You can easily do this task by using the internet. For instance, if you want to become an Astronaut, then you can search the internet for famous astronauts and their inspiring stories. Then you can go through the search results and select the one which you find the most inspiring, as your role model. Now that you have found your role model, you have to start searching for his/ her daily routine and start emulating it. For example, if he works for 8 dedicated hours a day, you should also start doing that. This simple act of emulating your role model will give you a feel as if you are living out your dream right now and thus, you’ll remain self-motivated.

  1. Appreciate yourself:

When you are appreciated for good work, you automatically bubble up with the spirit to do even better. This implies that appreciation is a great stimulus for self-motivation. So, whenever you accomplish your work targets for the day or do your work in a manner which deserves praise, make sure to pat your back. Along with self-appreciation, you can also reward yourself with something special whenever you perform exceptionally well in your targets. Eating your favourite food, watching a new movie and going out for an outing with friends are some ideas on ways to reward yourself.

  1. Cultivate a friend circle of ambitious people:

Staying self-motivated gets quite easy when you have a friend circle of ambitious people. This is because the company of ambitious beings, who leave no stone unturned to ensure success, acts as a great stimulant for your determination to accomplish success. Whenever you look at your ambitious friends working hard for their dreams, your self-motivation level witnesses a splurge and you also start working for your dreams with enhanced determination. So, you can keep fueling self motivation by cultivating a friend circle of ambitious people.

To conclude, self-motivation empowers you to combat with the toughest of the challenges, which obstruct your path to success. It doesn’t let you succumb to failures and keeps you striving for success by conquering the challenges. Not only this, but self motivation is also the only kind of motivation which is eternal and everlasting. All this truly makes it an elixir of success which has the potential to transform your life into the life of your dreams.


Guest Post by Jessica Robinson
BIO: Originality and coordination are the words that define her mind at the best. Having said that, Jessica Robinson is a powerful woman, on whom you can easily rely upon. Also, her ideating skills make it all very simple and she easily puts herself into the shoes of others and thinks from the same point of view. This along with the skills she inherited from her Melbourne University, makes her work more credible and dependable.