Science Shows Spermidine Delays Aging

Science Shows Spermidine Delays Aging

Posted by Lori Shemek; February 20, 2022

There are unique compounds that are in virtually every living thing, cells, tissues and they are called polyamines such as spermine, spermidine, and putrescine. If you want to live a long and healthy life, you’ll want to learn about a very special polyamine called spermidine that shows the most potential for anti-aging benefits. Originally identified in semen, the polyamine spermidine is normally synthesized in our bodies and gut microbiota.

Why is Spermidine so important in the role of aging?

When we are young, we have a profound amount. Unfortunately, as we age, we lose spermidine markedly. Losing this precious nutrient is a true cause of concern as it plays a critical role in:

  • Cell division and differentiation

  • Cell proliferation

  • DNA and protein synthesis

  • Homeostasis (the body’s ability to adjust and maintain a stable state)

  • Gene expression (the code of a gene used to direct protein synthesis)

All combined, these roles that spermidine play are critical in maintaining our healthspan and lifespan. We have two types of age that occur in the human body: our biological age and our chronological age. Chronological age refers to the number of years you have been alive vs. our biological age which indicates how old your body seems. An example of an older biological age is someone who eats a highly refined diet, who smokes and drinks in excess, would most likely have a biological age older than his or her chronological age or years alive. The roles that spermidine impacts positively enhance a more youthful biological age. Human studies associate high dietary intake of spermidine with increased survival rates.

One very important role in achieving longevity and optimal health is that of autophagy. Without autophagy, we certainly would not be alive but like all other important functions in the body, autophagy becomes less and efficient as we age; essentially they fatigue and become damaged, contributing to the accumulation of damaged macromolecules and organelles including downstream inflammation – this occurs during the aging process. One important note, a decline of autophagy is an outstanding feature of age-related diseases. In many ways autophagy lays the foundation for a long and healthy cellular life.The good news is that spermidine activates autophagy in the cell (without fasting!) and also like its impact upon the cell itself, creating healthier more youthful cells, it also creates healthy mitochondria via mitophagy or the creation of new healthy mitochondria including the brain itself optimizing brain health.

Our mitochondria are small organelles that not only keep us alive but again, and this important, as we age we lose the number of them, the integrity, function and the health of them. They essentially degrade and then stagnate creating serious health effects. This is why we suffer from fatigue, weight gain, illness, disease, inflammation, poor brain health, poor skin health and more. Yet spermidine can help create new healthy mitochondria!

Supplementation of spermidine exerts a long list of numerous benefits including:

  • Heart Health

  • Blood Pressure

  • Brain Health

  • Immunity

  • Longevity

  • Liver Health

  • Enhances Healthy Growth of Hair, Skin and Nails

  • Promotes Abdominal (Visceral) Fat Loss

  • Protects Against Muscle Loss

Recent studies have shown that spermidine can help strengthen your cardio-protective system in your body, as well as assist in the recovery process following a cardiovascular event.

Spermidine also crosses the blood brain barrier, protecting your brain from injury and decline, as well as combating existing cognitive issues and their effects.

As mentioned, intermittent fasting activates autophagy along with time-restricted eating, caloric restriction, ketogenic diet, and exercise. Autophagy is a key player in all of these modalities that helps to delay the aging process and to even reverse it. The same benefits that are a result of autophagy are also benefits of using spermidine without having to fast or restrict any type of foods! However, used together, you have an enhanced autophagic response.

The benefits of activating autophagy:

  • Protects our brain from cognitive decline and promotes brain health

  • Promotes new, healthier and more youthful cells

  • Removes old, damaged and dying cells

  • Improves the quality and length of life

  • Promotes mitochondrial health

  • Decreases inflammation

  • Improves immune response

  • Helps protect against cancer

  • Improves gut health and overall digestion

  • Improves skin

  • May support a healthy weight

Can Spermidine Help Hair Growth?

One very important benefit of using spermidine is its hair growth. Spermidine has been proven to promote hair growth. We all love a nice healthy full head of hair but with age, most experience thinning and shedding.

Studies show that spermidine prolongs the anagen phase within 3 months. This is great news for those that are looking to increase hair growth and hold on to it. As mentioned, a spermidine-based nutritional supplement can prolong the anagen phase in humans, and therefore might be beneficial for hair loss conditions.

Also, many people remark not only is their hair is growing once they added spermidine, but their nails as well. Strong, healthy hair, skin and nails is another feature of having youthful levels of spermidine in the body.

Spermidine in Foods

Spermidine is found in foods. However, it is not a reliable therapeutic source such as in supplement form, because just like nutrients in other foods, it’s quality and bioavailability are dependent upon many factors such as their origin, growing conditions, soil, harvesting, cooking practices or storage.

Foods Spermidine is Found in:

Foods spermidine is found in: green peppers, wheat germ, cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, aged cheeses such as brie or stilton, soybean foods such as natto and miso, shitake mushrooms, leafy greens, lentils, and amaranth grain.

Just a reminder, we naturally lose spermidine in every cell as we age – leaving us highly depleted when we need it the most. The only way to replenish therapeutic, more youthful levels is with supplementation.

Is Spermidine Safe?

Yes! It is a naturally occurring molecule in our body and research has shown there are no known side effects from spermidine.

The good news is that spermidine is available as capsules and supplements resolving the amount of guesswork on your part!

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