Lose That Extra Flab With These 4 Fat-Burning Food and Exercises

Lose That Extra Flab With These 4 Fat-Burning Food and Exercises

Posted by Lori Shemek; May 14, 2015

Working on losing weight? Getting rid of those last bits of flab can be frustrating, so we’ve got some great tips on fat burning for you here!

protein powder

Protein and Creatine

The first thing to note about using whey protein and creatine to help burn off that last bit of fat is that they won’t help you lose weight. Their key function is building muscle, and so you may not see much of a difference when you stand on the scales – you will, however, see it when you look in the mirror! Protein helps you build muscles by supplying the basic building blocks for them – amino acids. While it’s just one of many vitamins and minerals necessary to keep your body healthy, it’s an incredible useful one for anyone looking to gain a bit more control over how toned their body is.



Swap out some of your meals for lentil-based ones, and you’ll soon notice a massive difference in how your body feels. They’re rich in protein, meaning they have the same benefits as the supplements above (though in a less concentrated form), but with the added bonus of soluble fibre (which will keep your cholesterol down) and insoluble fibre (great to keep you feeling full and not picking at food without need). They contain a bunch of other vitamins and minerals such as iron and folic acid. Whilst they won’t actively make you lose weight – no food can do that – they will give your body the tools it needs to burn that last little bit of flab.

green tea

Green Tea

Green Tea can help in a couple of ways – firstly, it contains caffeine, which is well known for helping with fat burning and has been proven to do so in numerous studies. However, unlike coffee, it has it in low enough amounts that it shouldn’t affect your sleep patterns, which is useful since being fatigued can cause weight gain. Along with this, it contains catechins – in particular, EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate). EGCG is great for boosting your metabolism, helping you lose that weight a little bit faster. You can either drink green tea or take it in supplement form, though if you’re already taking a few different vitamins and minerals that way, we find it easier to swap it out for coffee rather than adding another one to remember.



Many people are under the impression that you can target fat zones – for instance, if your flab sits on your stomach that you can just focus your exercise there and all will be well. Unfortunately, this isn’t quite how it works. The best way to tone up your flab is to lose weight throughout your whole body; whilst gaining muscle/toning up those areas you most want to focus on. One of the best exercises for tightening up your stomach is the plank. The plank uses one of your core muscles – the transversus abdominis muscle (the innermost abdominal muscle). Whilst it won’t burn through hundreds of calories, it will strengthen your abs meaning that as your weight drops off, they’ll shine through. An added bonus of this exercise is that it can help improve your posture – one of the key ways to looking in better shape!



Burpees are one of the best exercises for fat burning – it’s a full body focused exercise, meaning it burns through a decent amount of calories, and it’s also easy to control how many sets you do. Whilst the form can be hard to master, it’s worth committing to. A recent study by the American College of Sports Medicine showed that 10 fast burpees is the equivalent of a 30 second sprint when it comes to speeding up your metabolism. However, unlike sprinting, burpees require much more skill when it comes to balance, strength and co-ordination – meaning it’s got more benefits than just the fat burning you desire!

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