Fall Fitness Trends

Fall Fitness Trends

Posted by Coach P.; October 21, 2013

For some, working out is more like an arduous chore than necessary recreation. For others, working out is really a fulfilling and gratifying experience. And then there are the band-wagoners who do it because it is trending–you know, the folk who want to be apart of “team fitness.”  But nonetheless, I am happy to see more people working out. Fitness is a healthy trend that should be explored and encouraged.

While fitness is a trend that will stick around for years to come, some fitness trends will not. It’s very rare to go to a gym or wellness center that still offers traditional aerobic classes. Those classes have been replaced by Zumba and other cardio dance workouts. But some trends are just history repeating itself. These fitness staples are here to stay and are more popular than ever. Take a look at some of my favorite fitness comebacks.

Indoor CrossFit Training

CrossFit workouts combine activities like rowing, running, sprinting, jumping rope, climbing ropes, flipping tires, carrying heavy objects, barbells, dumbbells, gymnastics rings, pull-up bars, medicine balls and boxes for box jumps. These elements are mixed into various combinations to form the “Workout Of the Day” or WOD. The exercises can be extremely challenging. Make sure a certified CrossFit instructor instructs you.

Indoor Cycling

My personal favorite as of late is indoor cycling or spinning. Spinning is an excellent workout done on a stationary bike. You can spin alone, at your own pace or take a class. A typical class involves a single instructor at the front of the class who leads the participants through routines that are designed to simulate terrain and situations similar to riding a bike outdoors. Some of the movements and positions include hill climbs, sprints and interval training. A well-trained instructor uses music, motivation, visualization and enthusiastic coaching to lead students through a ride that best suits their fitness level and goals.

Fusion Routines

Fusion classes are fairly new and extremely popular because you get a great workout by combining some of your favorite modalities. The days of choosing a “cardio day” vs. a “yoga day” are long gone. The new combo classes, such as Piloxing, Yogilates, Core Fusion Barre, and Neuromuscular Integrative Action, are designed to confuse more than just your tongue. By mixing workouts with disparate disciplines (think: pilates + boxing, Zumba + water aerobics) they can get your body working in ways it wouldn’t otherwise work. This is by far one of the most effective workouts ever.

–Coach P