10 Foods That Create Beautiful  Skin

10 Foods That Create Beautiful Skin

Posted by Lori Shemek; November 19, 2013

There are throngs of people spending billions of dollars on creams, potions and cosmetic procedures to help create beautiful skin. I’m sure you have heard of the old adage ‘you are what you eat?’ This is true! Why? Because when you give the cells specific beneficial nutrients, you are enabling the cell to function optimally. This means that you are encouraging only the very best cellular outcome and that means not just optimal health, but beautiful skin.

“Increasingly, studies are finding links between certain nutrients and wrinkle reduction, radiance, and acne prevention,” says David Bank, MD, a dermatologist in Mount Kisco, New York.

Here is what to throw in your shopping cart to create smoother, tighter, glowing and simply beautiful skin:

Blueberries – Blueberries contain powerful compounds called anthocyanins that keep your skin young and luminous.  These powerful antioxidants help keep your collagen intact that will help keep your skin firm.  Antioxidants are natures fountain of youth and blueberries are packed with them.

Wild Salmon – Wild Salmon contains omega 3 fats that are essential for healthy skin and a healthy you.  A lack of Omega 3 fats prevents dryness and inflammation which can causes the skin to age at a faster rate.

Dark chocolate – contains very high levels of flavonols a highly potent form of antioxidants that firm and protect skin.  Ensure that the chocolate is at least 70% cacao – the higher the percentage the better for your skin.  A couple of squares should be enough to see improvement in skin.

Yogurt – The protein in yogurt is very effective in keeping skin healthy and smooth.  Protein is important for optimal cell repair.  Greek yogurt without added sugar is an excellent choice because it has twice the amount of protein than regular yogurt.

Red Bell Pepper – Red peppers are very high in Vitamin C.  Vitamin C aids the body in the production of the very important skin supporter: collagen.  Collagen breakdown creates sagging skin.  Vitamin C also helps prevent inflammation that can accelerate aging.

Nuts – Nuts are high in vitamin E , an antioxidant that prevents accelerated aging by combating free radicals and preventing sun damage to the skin.

Carrots – Carrots are high in vitamin A.  This vitamin is powerful in preventing the over-production of cells that build up and add to not only dull, lifeless skin, but clogged pores as well.  Vitamin A also helps prevent skin cancer.

Green Tea – Hot green tea releases a powerful antioxidant called Catechins.  Green tea helps to prevent sun damage and helps to reverse some of the effects of sun damage due to this antioxidant powerhouse.  Green tea reactivates dying skin cells.

Spinach – Spinach is a concentrated source of not only vitamin C (the collagen protector) but the nutrient Folate.  Folate is key in supporting our cells ability to renew themselves.  The high water content in spinach also helps to plump up our skin making it look less wrinkled.

Tomatoes – Cooked tomatoes will help the phytochemical Lycopene be more bio-available.  Lycopene will help protect your skin from the damaging skin agers free-radicals as a result of ultra-violet rays.

Make it a point to add at least one of these super foods to your daily meals To address every skin woe, from wrinkles, to acne, to dryness and within the month you will begin to see the beautiful skin you deserve emerge.

To your health,